Thursday, October 02, 2008

Calling Amateurs

Anyone in Singapore who is reading contemporary theology?

Besides all the full-time lecturers and postgraduates seminarians, I find myself so alone here. So if you are, please respond. We can start reading a theologian together in communion, as a group.

Theologians I have in mind are:

- T.F. Torrance
- Rowan Williams
- N.T. Wright (theologically relevant NT scholar)
- Oliver O'Donovan
- Anthony Thiselton
- Colin Gunton
- Stanley Grenz
- John Webster

Please suggest if you have someone in mind. No Cornelius Van Til or Augustine please. Only "contemporary theologian". We can move back from there.


List of theologians that I'm interested too:

- Alister McGrath


The Inquisitor said...

No John Piper or R.C. Sproul or J.I. Packer or Michael Horton or even Alasdair Mcgrath? heehee...

I see these individuals have failed your inquisition.

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Dom,

No no... these are all good scholars in their own right. Just that can't indulge with too many theologians with my limitation.

Alister McGrath is a good one. I'm fascinated by his 'Scientific Theology'. Thank you for the note. I'll update the list.

Kar Yong said...

the budding NT scholar says NT Wright is an NT scholar, not a theologian...there is a huge differnece between NT scholar and theologian...hahaha

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Kar Yong,

Alright, NT scholar included then. Just that NT scholar will inevitably involved the study of NT Greek words. *shudder*


septian said...


i found your blog through blogwalking.

are we fellow wrightians? :D

*I'm still on his JVG...

btw, i'm a grad student in ntu, so i guess you're not "so alone here" haha.


Sze Zeng said...

Hi septian,

Nice having you drop by. Are you attending Bukit Batok Presbyterian Church? I'm from Orchard Road Presbyterian Church!

Great! I've read JVG sometime ago, but I dont mind going through again. I also have a compilation of essays published by IVP in response to JVG. We can do that after we finish JVG too.

Anyway, please drop me an email if you are interested.

Noli Araral said...

Hi, Prof McGrath is in town and he has a free talk tomorrow May 23d at St Andrew's Cathedral. Register here if interested.