Saturday, October 18, 2008

Adam & Eve are Russians?

Zhen Hao told me this story which he got it from some where. Here the improvised version:

During an international theological conference, where great and renowned theologians were gathered together to study the book of Genesis, the Russian delegate proposed that Adam and Eve were Russians.

This has cause an uproar among other theologians, especially the middle easterners. The Catholic and Reformed delegates were on the verge of calling brimstone from heaven; the Wesleyan and Lutheran were on their feet; the Anglican and Greek Orthodox had their eye-brow raised. Others were cursing and swearing. Some even tore their clothes while shouting, "Anathema!"

Nonetheless, being theologians, these delegates gathered patience to listen to the Russian's thesis. And after hearing his explanation, everyone calmed down. He gave 3 reasons for his thesis:

First, Adam and Eve had nothing to wear. Their only coverings were sewed fig leaves and animal skins.

Secondly, both Adam and Eve had only one apple which they had to share among themselves.

And lastly, they have been told that they were in paradise.


InSpir3d said...

hi Joshua

how are you doing.

i've come across ur blog again and i'm adding your blog feed to my googlereader to keep track of yoru life =)

see you soon


Steven Sim said...

This is funny, but it lost the omph without reference to the Soviet communist regime. I had a delayed processing of the joke...

Steven Sim

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Inspir3d,

Nice having you drop by again. Bet you must be busy analyzing current economic condition now.

God bless your important work :)

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Steven,

Glad you enjoyed the joke!