Sunday, September 28, 2008

What did Steven do when he was on-leave last Friday?

We were in Steven's car, heading for our lunch. The driver, the red one on the right, is Steven. The left one is Yoon. Those pair of legs is mine. And it is Friday.

After lunch we thought that it is a good idea to get some coffee in that humid afternoon. So we found ourselves at the coffeeshop which is 2 mins walk from where we had our lunch.

He is actually on-leave today but he is on the stand-by all the time. That’s what it likes to be a civil servant. It's due to the new government since March. And this is when they work... 24-7.

Yoon was doing a bit of free advertising while enjoying his first caramel machiato.

After the coffee and cheesecake, we headed down to a village in Berapit to look the village’s chief. Steven was investigating the poor families. The rest of us followed.

The village’s chief is the one on the right. He is not married and works as a plumber. Already not wealthy himself, he still manages to fork out from his own pocket every month to share the little that he earned with a few other less-fortunate villagers.

We got lost in the village, so Steven chanted to the rosary, which was hanging on his car’s read mirror, asking for guidance. He just bought it the day before from St. Anne Cathedral.

He asked for direction.

He asked for confirmation of identity.

He found the poor widow who has a daughter who is mentally challenged.

He was updating the data of the family.

After that, we went to look for another family. In front of us is the hill to which this town is named after: Bukit Mertajam.While Steven and the village chief were busy locating poverties below the hill, I sensed that the hill is looking at them and felt relief as her people are finally being looked after.

Found the other family.

All of them were informed that their State Assembly Woman will be distributing dry foods to them tomorrow. They were asked to be ready to be fetched to the service center to get their food. This is what the DAP government is doing at the grass root level. And I was embarrassingly struggling to wake up to help out at the center that next day.

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