Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Small Corner

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er... pardon the icon... unhealthy influenced by Dominic Foo, the Inquisitor.


Steven Sim said...

saw the Gadamer book

What's the title?

I want to get some of his books ...u think u can get them frm sg for me...pls list what books are available/recommended.

Also Paul Ricoeur - what titles are available? Conflict of Interpreation ada?

The Inquisitor said...

How convenient to put the blame on me.

In any case, you should be following Rowan Willaims example and put an icon of the Virgin instead and learn to pray with it.

Check out his book on how to do that here:

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Steven,

Sharp eyes! It's call Truth & Method, Gadamer's magnum opus.

Yes, I sure can get them for you from Borders. I'll see if there is any good discount this coming weekends. If have, will grab a copy for you.

There a few of Paul Ricoeur's books on the shelves a couple of weeks ago:
-Memory, History, and Forgetting
-The Conflict of Interpretation
-Thinking Biblically

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Rubati,

I read about that book and some part of the book from second sources, but don't think going to get it. Can't find it at local bookshop... and not in a hurry to ship it over.