Monday, September 01, 2008

Singapore's Christian Post on Rowan Williams

Christian Post Singapore edition latest editorial's response:

If Williams is tolerated by the rest of the bishops and members in the worldwide Anglican Communion in spite of his personal beliefs, the Communion where he is leader is where any body, from Archbishop of Canterbury to each and every Primate and each and every bishop and each and every leader and each and every layperson can openly declare himself a privately practicing homosexual, so long as he claims to hold the official Bible and Church view on the sin.

Williams’ position is the virus that has entered the bloodstream of the Anglican Communion and it is only a matter of time before disease and death hits.

There is no doubt that the Church is facing a global crisis and must respond with all urgency and quickness, on pain of destruction.

The editorial is mistaken to make an analogy of Rowan Williams' differentiation between his personal belief (they have to learn to do away with the "private" rhetoric since the whole world knows about Williams' opinion) and ecclesiastical proclamation. Williams is not a "practicing homosexual" as implicitly alleged by the editorial.

His personal opinion is always to remain open to the possibility that homosexual relationship "might... reflect the love of God in a way comparable to marriage". Not that homosexual relationship is another form of marriage which the editorial mistakenly assumed.

There are times when St. Paul recognizes that he should preach according to the tradition and times when he make known his personal belief in the liberty of separation in a marriage involving a believer and a non-believer (1 Cor 7.10-16). Does the editorial dare to accuse St. Paul as a "virus"? Their logic demands them to do so.

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Steven Sim said...

Anglican Church in England did not recognize same sex partnership as "marriage" and so did the government. It is a "civil partnership".

Steven Sim