Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My First GCF Council

On Monday I had my first sit-in experience in the council meeting of GCF Singapore. Met all the decision makers in GCF and realized that I'm the 'greenest'. Many of these leaders are running their own sectional group under GCF, servicing the local and overseas community through their profession.

One of such group is Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship (CMDF). This group actively provides medical consultation to migrant workers and sex workers at local red light district on top of sending medical missionaries overseas.

The other group, Marketplace Christian Network, operates to inculcate Christian principles/worldview to those who are working in the marketplace. This ministry also publishes their own literatures as one of the channel to achieve their goals.

Then there is this GCF Kairos group that aims to alleviate poverty from poor communities through business enterprises.

What about my group? I'm not affiliated with any of these ministries. I'm part of Issachar Forum. And guess what my group is doing actively at the moment? We discuss about movies (!).

True that I'm one of those who initiated this group and keeping it running. But am I being a bit out of place here, as compared to the other groups? Is GCF the place for me?

This is the question that I drive home with after my first council meeting.

Yesterday Steven called me for a chat. He reveals something to me which got me totally blown away. Anyway that's besides the point. I told him about my question. And he put a helpful perspective to my situation.

Some people are tasked to provide a continuing learning environment/experience for others. And what I'm doing all along, even before I joined GCF, is something like that.

I think that's comforting and affirming. Sometimes when I'm surrounded by people who are drive towards different calling, my sphere begins to be blurry.

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