Sunday, September 28, 2008

Morning Gathering Against Internal Security Act (ISA) @ Penang

Today is Sunday. Just about 4 hours after I slept, Steven called me up at 7.45am this morning to fetch me to the gathering. We went for breakfast at a nearby dim sum kopitiam.

The gathering was held near the wet market of Taman Sri Rambai. This 'taman' (Malay: park) is where I spent my childhood. The banner is to collect signatories from locals to signify our desire to have ISA repealled. Many aunties and uncles who were passing by dropped by to grace the banner with their names!

The 3 gentlemen in the middle of the picture volunteered to have their head shaved as a symbol of their commitment to abolish ISA.

The gathering started at 9am and ended at about 10.30am. After that, we went to quench our thirst at Auto City. While on the way we keep talking about stuffs. And suddenly in the middle of the conversation, I blurted, "Shit!..."

Steven and Joreen were held back. They waited for a while before breaking the silent, "Why? What's up?"

I explained, "We didn't attend Church service today!"

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