Monday, September 08, 2008

Drama Practice

I'm waiting for my drama practice to start...

I realized how difficult it is to dwell into a character which is not yourself. The character that I'm playing this time is a career-driven son who has forgotten his humble beginning. He is so career-focused that he situated all the "got head, got face" (famous and influential) people near his wedding table, while his poor relatives were being placed at the back of the banquet.

This scene is also the climax of the narrative. And the climactic scene within this climax is when my character being slapped by his loving father, who had never lay his hand on him before. And the director told us that on the actual play, she wants a real slap to take place!

To play this character as real as possible, I've to think, feel, and be like him. This is difficult especially when the character doesn't go well with my life-long struggle to be the opposite. But Thank God that the director thinks my acting is still acceptable despite the inner inconsistency that I feel.

And I was told to expect a bit dizziness after the blow! (So, those who are thrilled to see me being slapped may not want to miss this play)

The great challenge in this role is not only the personification of the ambitious, ungrateful, and prodigal son, but to memorize the Mandarin dialog. Thank God for the director's husband who is kind enough to translate all my dialog into Han Yi Pin Yin, to aide my memorization.


Servant of God [R] said...

Wow! You can act? But how come they gave you this role? Since it doesn't suit you?

Sze Zeng said...

Hi servant of god [r],

No, I can't act. The drama lacks of actors, so the director approached me for the role. She has been very helpful to coach me along the way.