Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"The Alternative Is The Only Way"

Steven Sim envisions 3 innovative ways to create a wholesome and fuller identity for every Malaysians, for the future of Malaysia's politics. With current turmoil within the political scene, such suggestion and leadership are much needed and welcome:

...There is no place for the spurious call for communal unity such as that called by UMNO over and against the total well-being of our race as One Nation, Bangsa Malaysia. We must come to realize by now that even as our history and cultures are intertwined, the destiny of Malay Malaysians are inseparable from the destiny of Chinese Malaysians and the destiny of Indian Malaysians cannot be divorce from the destiny of Iban or Kadazan Malaysians...

...If we can find in our religious traditions strands of the golden rule, and we know we can as has been demonstrated by Professor Hans Kung’s Global Ethics, we should be able to find the spiritual strength to commit ourselves to racial reconciliation...

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