Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Had a meeting with boss yesterday. He proposed that we should re-structure our business deals. Actually, it is not a 'proposal' because a 'proposal' can be rejected. That is more like a 'decree'.

Anyway, with his new decree, I will have many adjustment and follow-up works to do. Not only that, the worst thing is that I'm the liaison between the company and our customers. That means I have to communicate to every customer the new structure, AND be prepared to take feedbacks. And it is not really a 'feedback' if you are in this 'corporate-to-corporate' line. More like fiery resistance!

No comforting Bible verses in mind. Just the beloved TVB's aphorism:
"Tin Ti Lok Lei Tong Phei Kham"
(Even if the heaven fell, just take it as a blanket)

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