Wednesday, August 27, 2008


That's the margin of Anwar's win (with 31195 votes) over the BN's candidate (with 15524).

And that figure is not unaffected by all the dirty means used by the government to garner votes for themselves (phantom voters, Mat Rempit, racism provocation, tampering of voter list).

If a government has to put up with such resorts to score in election, we all know that its end is here.

Abdullah Badawi can start wiping his chair to ensure that it is in 'clean' (something that Malaysians doubt he knows) condition when Anwar sits in.

"In the light of Christ's ascension it is no longer possible to think of political authority as sovereign; but neither is it possible to regard them as mere exhibitions of pride and lust for power."
(Oliver O'Donovan, The Act of Judgment, p.5)

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