Friday, July 25, 2008

What's Wrong With Current Global System?

This fucking wrong...


Augustinian Successor said...

Do you really think the word fuck can convey a sense of righteous anger? The fuck is a foul word, the very antithesis of righteousness. It's one thing to ridicule Calvinists (based on your Christian conviction), it's another thing to "swear" (which is not Christian at all).

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Jason,

It was not to 'convey a sense of righteous anger'. It's an adjective to indicate the extent of the noun 'wrong'.

And you are using the word as a noun here in your comment, while i'm using it as an adjective in my post. Hence probably it's different.

I'm sure you come across the word 'Reprobate'. It is just a shorter way to say 'Damned' (swear word by today's standard). And it's found in so many literature. Perhaps you wanna email P&R Publishing to comment on that too?

Tay said...

No Sze Zeng, it is a swear word. There are a good vocabulary of words to choose from for the adjective. You could use 'extremely','absolutely' etc. but you had to choose a distasteful word. It is not Christian, and there is no justification for using that word.

'Reprobate' on the other hand is not a taboo word. Neither is 'damned' in the right context if it means 'God condemned'. It is wrong only when used freely. The F-word on the other hand has no context where it can be used without offence, so stop trying to reason your way out.

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Tay,

Let me ask this question, what do you mean by "swear word"?

Hope you are able to come out with a good answer so that you dont make yourself stupid.

And I know 'extremely' or 'absolutely' but can't use them because they do not help to convey my message at all. 'Fucking' carries the best semantic currency for my message, hence i used it. Thank you for suggesting anyway.

In fact, I think you have the right response but mistakenly directed that response to the wrong object. The word 'fucking' provides exactly the kind of repulsiveness in describing the fallen global system by referring to the relation between those 3 pictures. But you have completely miss the point. Your disgust directed on the adjective 'fucking', rather than the message of conveyed by the relation of the pictures.

And just for you info, I have no respect for anonymous critics.

Tay said...

My name is Derrick. Anything else you want to know? I chanced upon your blog while googling.

While the F word may convey disgust, it is inappropriate in any context. According to, that word is categorised under 'slang, vulgar', so too in other dictionaries.

If you wish to contest that, you might have to prove why that word is not vulgar instead. Just because it helps express disgust does not give you the right to use it.

Would you dare to show those pictures to your pastor and tell him the world is 'f**king wrong'?

I understand those pictures perfectly alright, even without any captions. In fact I am disgusted at both the pictures and your use of language, and also your resolution in defending the indefensible.

You are an intelligent person, but don't misuse the intellect God gave you.

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Derrick,

Thank you for your comment. I'm not going to prove the word is not vulgar. In fact, I'll do the opposite: to show that you have been using it all this while without realizing it.

I assume you equate "swear word" to 'vulgarity', from your comment. And Merriam Webster states that 'vulgar' carries the meaning of "course, gross, pretentious" among others.

And the word 'stauros' (crucifixion) has exactly that kind of semantic meaning in the 1st century. It is a 'vulgar word'. It is not a word that you simply say to your mother or grandmother. And what do you know? It's all over the NT. An equivalent to the word 'holocaust' among the modern Jewish community or 'atomic bomb' among those from Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

And if you think that stauros is constraint within a specific context, hence it is not a vulgarity now; then I'll say that your disgust with 'fucking' is constraint only within your own context and does not apply to mine.

And what do you mean by "because it helps express disgust does not give you the right to use it"?

When did a word is copyrighted? If it is, please condemn me for infringement and not verbally deficient, which you are doing.

hahahaha my pastors knows about my blog.

You are an intelligent and caring person, but don't misdirect them too.