Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What's Up Last Weekend?

One of GCF's sectional group known as Comparative Religions Interest Group (CRIG) co-organized with RZIM Asia-Pacific a talk on the doctrine of atonement last Friday. The speaker was LT Jeyachandran from RZIM. There were a few Muslims attended the talk. One of them very politely questioned the validity of the theological significance of Jesus' resurrection. After LT retorted, I chipped in some N.T Wright's "inaugurated eschatology" to clarify his understanding of Christian theology.

Apparently he wasn't satisfied with only one question, he posted another question to seek for opinion whether is a collaborative theology possible between Christians and Muslims. LT answered him. I wanted to speak up but didn't thought that the session should be dragged too long by these very interesting theological inquiries. So I refrained.

Early Saturday, went to watch The Dark Knight. My goodness... it's the best superhero movie in this summer. In the afternoon, I attended the movie discussion group. Then went to the National Museum with gf to see the Dancing Sky by Studio Festi. The place was filled with people. I was suffocated and didn't really stick my eyes on the whole show. It's just some dancers who are being pulled by wires as if they are dancing in the sky. Beautiful but the huge amount of inhaled carbon dioxide is a dread, and it numbed my aesthetic senses. So I browsed the internet on my mobile.

Sunday is a cleaning day. Did 3 times of laundry, boiled some water, and managed to read a couple of chapters on Robert Jenson's theology. Evening was homework time. Was translating Greek into English and vice versa. Found out that writing Greek alphabets is not an easy task. Really need some discipline if I want to master the language.

Monday was a long day. After working for the whole day, went home to think through an article that propounds the legalization of organ trading. Took about 4 hours to think through it and managed to finished my initial response at 1.30am. No doubt that I can't think fast. And I have surrendered to this fate long time ago. Will post the response here tomorrow.

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