Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What I Do In Class...

"'...και θεος ην ο λογος' (literally:"...and god was the word"). Notice that there is no definite article before θεος. Usually there is definite article, especially in a monotheistic religion. Hence, we can derive from there that the author was paying particular emphasis on what God was: ο λογος (the word). This is an example of how can we discover the theological statement made by the biblical authors..."
(Tony Siew)

Don't you think this is a good way of helping oneself to remember what one learned from the class? By blogging about it.

Once in a while Tony will tempt the class by talking NT theology. That's one way to keep the class attentive. You know, sometimes conjugating and declining cases can be like a walk in the desert. So theology always refreshes, or at least to this one student.

I'm easily satisfied. Just surround me with tomes by Barth, Jenson, and etc. I'll be the happiest man for a while. Yes, "for a while" because no human exists and reads alone. And more fundamentally no books or any one thing able to give everlasting satisfaction to human besides the Creator himself.

You might be asking why then didn't I take courses like 'NT Theology' or 'Historical Theology' in the first place?

The answer is Isaiah 52.10:

Shang Di has launched his horse in the sight of everyone that the world may witness his royal rescue mission.

(This is of course my own translation. "Launching one's horse" [出马 -Mandarin "Chu Ma"] is being used whenever an emperor or a military general or Chan Hor Nam [a famous fictional triad leader] 出马 in a battle. It carries the grandeur significance of "finally he takes action" or "at last he rolls up his sleeves".)

Realizing that our God has launched his horse to go down into the battlefield to bleed in the battle himself motivates me to roll up my sleeves, pick up my farming trident, and get dirty and bloody. And I believe theological groundwork consists of, among many other things, the mastery of a few ancient languages (Greek being only one).

And this is of course some decades of work (especially for someone with learning difficulties like myself), not something accomplished in a semester or two. And this is the "dirty works" that theologian-wannabe got to do.

It's applicable also if you wanna be a triad leader. You got to start with the "dirty works". Doesn't it give you the further push to do it if you see your "tai loh" (Cantonese: big brother) takes part by leading the gang in the gang-clash himself?

And all this is another way of telling what I do in classes. I recite Isaiah 52.10. That's what I did. So can you when you are going through some difficult task.


Kar Yong said...

Looks like you are enjoying Greek....!! Keep it up!

Sze Zeng said...

Hi KY,

Yes, kind of enjoying it :)