Tuesday, July 08, 2008

KungFu Panda & Asian Theology

I'm wondering whether will KungFu Panda illustrates the endeavor of Asian Theology.

The movie, which tells the story of a fat panda who dreams of martial arts glory, was faithful to Chinese culture and laced with good humour, but China itself may have been incapable of producing such a film, a Chinese filmmaker and opera director lamented.

"The film’s protagonist is China’s national treasure and all the elements are Chinese, but why didn’t we make such a film?" Wu Jiang, president of the China National Peking Opera Company, was cited as saying by Xinhua news agency on Saturday. (Tiscali News)

Could an Asian Theology be well articulated by someone who are not from or stay in Asia? I think yes, and the chances are very likely. And when they have done that, then we Asians will be all-legitimate to do some soul-searching like Wu Jiang. So, we should grasp Wu Jiang's lesson and start the search.

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