Friday, July 04, 2008

Joshua Woo & John Woo: Similarities & Dissimilarity

Whenever people found out about my surname, some of them always try to be funny by asking me whether am I related to John Woo, or whether is "Joshua" a mistake because "John" would be more appropriate. And worst thing is that they usually thought that they are the first humans who thought about that 'joke'.

Anyway, I'll reveal something about John Woo that not many people know about. Not only that, I'll also draw 2 similarities and 1 dissimilarity between John and myself.

First similarity is that both of our surname is spelled "WOO" in English. Actually I usually play with my surname with a pun that "I have to live up to it, hence I can't stop 'wooing'". And no one that I met came up with this joke before. And I think this is much more funnier than the "John Woo"... hahaha...

Second similarity (this is one thing that few people know about) :

Q: Why did you become a director?

A: ...My first dream was I wanted to be a Christian minister. Later I find I have a big passion about movies, so I give that up...

Q: Do you believe in God?

A: Yes, I believe in God. And I have so admiration for Jesus Christ and I always think he's a great philosopher. It always make me feel good, as a Christian.

(BBC interview John Woo)

Hahaha... Both of us are Christians. You didn't know about this right?

OK, now the dissimilarity. To me, Jesus is not merely a great philosopher. He is much more than that. He is, first of all, the promised "anointed one" who inaugurated the divine order into the existence that we know. And not only that, he is a savior and the lord of this entire reality.

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