Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Stephen Rapkin told me this "win-win" joke last Sunday. It's "win-win" because no matter which side you are at, you are vindicated.

There was a local young chap who wanted to pursue theological studies. After completing his survey of all the theological institutions in Singapore, he shortlisted two. These two are none other than the prestigious Trinity Theological College (TTC) and Singapore Bible College (SBC).

He doesn't know which one he should join. But since both institutions require their applicants to go through an interview, so this young chap decided to attend both so that he can find out more. And since SBC arranged the interview earlier than TTC, so the chap went for it.

During the interview, the chap told the interviewer about his crossroad situation. So the interviewer asked him, "Do you know who is the author of the Pentateuch?"

The chap took a while before he reply, trying to figure out whether did he come across the answer during his daily Bible reading. Nonetheless his memory failed him. So he replied, "No sir, I do not know."

Upon hearing his answer, the interviewer smiled. He has the answer not only for the question he posted to the chap, but more than that, he grasped also the solution to help the chap to choose his college. The interviewer said, "Well... That settles your dilemma. You should join SBC since those at TTC don't know the answer either."

'Win-win' joke, right? No matter you are from SBC or TTC, you are in the right.. HAHAHAHA!


Kar Yong said...

Wonder what happens if we replace STM and MBS with TTC and SBC respectively?

Sze Zeng said...

Hi KY,

That's for you to tell me :)

I think it's 'win-win' too for both??