Thursday, June 26, 2008

Think Further on Matt 12.24-37

Updated on 30 July 2008: Previously I wrote Matt 11.24-37, but was then rectified to Matt 12.24-37. Thanks to Kar Yong and Alex Tang for pointing out.

Earlier today, I posted some rumbles about the starling passage. After further thoughts on it, and being influenced by Hegel's dialectic, I postulate that the author of Matthew was explicitly responding to St. Paul's idea of justification.

St. Paul wrote his epistles, especially Galatians and Romans, between 49-64 A.D. In both epistles, he expounded his understanding of salvation and the relation between the converted Jews and the converted Gentiles. And if the gospel of Matthew was written between 65-90 A.D, and if the gospel had the Jews as the intended immediate readers in mind, then the author could be addressing some post-Paul issues among the Christian Jewish community.

And if that is true, then the portion in Matt 12.24-37 will be Matthew's direct response to St. Paul's theology of justification. And with the reference to Matt 12.24 ("Pharisees"), the author probably primarily had St. Paul in mind.



Kar Yong said...

You sure you got your Matthew passage right?

Or maybe I am reading the wrong bible :-)

Alex Tang said...

I am confused too. Not from the orthodoxic study bible, is it?

Sze Zeng said...

Hi KY & Alex,

So sorry for the confusion. It's Matt 12.24-37!