Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stephen Tong 2008 Rally

I am very impressed with the marketing team behind the upcoming Stephen Tong's evangelistic rally. Knowing a few of the volunteers in this team, I have to extend my admiration and praise to them. They labored hard to promote this rally.

Besides pamphlets and posters, their promotion channels include:


Key-chains and Fridge-Magnets

Drinking Cups
USB Thumb-drive!!!

By now, I think you are as impressed as me, right? OK... but don't just stick to the awe, the real significance is the rally which all these products pointing to. The details are below (click on the picture to visit the site). Bring your pre-believing friends and family members over. This is one evangelist they don't want to miss:

"Who Is Jesus?"

September, 11th -14th, 2008
Singapore Indoor Stadium

Language: Mandarin with English Translation

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