Monday, June 09, 2008

Past Week

Last week, 5 movies watched:

1) The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
2) Rendition
3) Juno
4) Catch & Release
5) Kung Fu Panda

All are good in their own respect. But no time to write reviews. Was busy flipping pages.

I don't set a day for spending time with friends. Partly due to my personal hobby (my own indulgences). The rest of my time is for work and nothing else.

This came as a hit on my face when Michelle called me on Friday night. That's Angie's birthday, but I didn't feel like hanging out because I just wanted to be alone to flip pages. As a friend, I should at least give Angie a call but I didn't... instead I just SMS her. *GASP* My social manner is depreciating like the value of RM (Ringgit Malaysia) now.

Thus kind of admire Scot McKnight's commitment to set Friday for his friends. Perhaps, I should too. Perhaps once a week, I'll drop my indulgences, work, and movies. Just surround myself with buddies.

Last week, I got to know a new friend. Her name is Alerize (nice name). She is from Penang too. She is current in Singapore for studies, and attending City Harvest Church (as very noticeable in the stuffs she blogged!). We were from the same grassroot: Assembly of God.


Kar Yong said...

I tried setting aside 1 day for friends - but later realised that it didn't work for me - that's because when I have my off day - they are working. When they have their off day, I am working....We can never meet....!!

So the day I set aside for friends ended up by being "drebar" for parents.

Can full time worker have saturdays off too so we could hang out with friends?

Sze Zeng said...

Hi KY,

having different working schedule is a bit more troublesome to meet. In that case, you and your friends may plan to put down a date per month to meet up with them? I learned that's what Soo Inn did :)

Full time worker have day off would defeat the meaning 'full' time, right? hahahaha.. ok ok.. on serious note, I say "Yes". Full time workers should enjoy the same benefit of other works, unless for the workaholics.