Monday, June 23, 2008

I Watched Sex And The City!

I watched it last Friday at 12.25 midnight with Jade, Zhen Hao, and Tammy. The movie is about 2 hrs 30 mins (very looooooooooong).

It's a good movie. Every urbanized cosmopolitantians should watch it. If you do, you will discover much affinities with your living-hood. The movie chronicles 4 individuals' search for 2 L: (1) Labels (Gucci, Christian Dior, etc) and (2) Love.

The social and relationship problems portrayed in the movie are very real. Perhaps, you faced or facing one of them right now. There is the pressure faced by a middle aged man, Mr. Big, who had divorced twice, when he was contemplating to give marriage a third shot. There is a wealthy 50 year-old botox-addict who couldn't resist herself from men. There is a stressed-up lawyer who juggles with her demanding schedule and family life. And there is also a successful middle-aged author who are on an ever-ending search for love.

Despite all these problems, there are faithful friends around. And this makes the movie watchable. The story shows us how friendship and other relationships can have disagreement yet there is always forgiveness. It helps us to see that our role as friends is indeed important to those around us. We have to always learn how to encourage and lift one another up. It shows us that we still need friends and need to befriend even when we've settled with a family, riding on a successful career, or owning some Marc Jacob or Vivienne Westwood's dresses.

I stayed awake throughout the whole *midnight* show, so it is not that bad. But if you plan to watch it, make sure you are not offended by nude and sex scenes. There are not few of those in the movie.

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