Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How to React When Oil Price Rocketed 41%

Updated (17 June 2008): Jason, Dave Chong and Steven Sim had told me that it is not good to paste the previous text-box which I got from Sakemi's blog here. So, now you have to go her blog to see what she wrote, if you wanna see.

Malaysia's oil price hike of 41% happened about 5 days ago. When I got to know about this, I didn't know what to say. Not that I didn't want to say or don't have anything to say, but my immediate reaction was somehow lacking linguistic expression.

Other Malaysians have blogged about this over the net. Yet I still have not really expressed myself over this oily issue here. Political giants like Anwar and Kit Siang to smaller giants like Steven Sim have all expressed concern and views over this. Not only that, biblical scholars like Kar Yong and Tony Siew, theologians like Sherman Kuek have also blogged about their concern.

I too have my concern especially when my parents, siblings, and friends are back there being choked by the inconsiderate government. But when I know about the price hike, I just couldn't articulate an immediate response though I sensed some recognizable yet inexpressible words in me. It's like one of those experience when you want to say something but you just don't know what and how to spell it out.

And you know what? This morning I chanced upon a friend's blog that embodies the exact expression that I was desperate but failed to utter in words. Sakemi is a friend since secondary school. Perhaps that explains the similar reaction between our psyche. Her sympathetic immediate response is nicely and unhesitatingly articulated.

Do you have the same experience? Hope my friend's blog helped you to articulate the shock.

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