Thursday, June 05, 2008

Fetish & Christians

I had lunch with Yip Khiong this afternoon. In the midst of our conversation, out of my curiousity, I asked him why does he so enthusiastic on topic related to sexuality. And out of that, he made an interesting point.

He told me that everyone has their own fetish. And each person should concentrate on their different passion to shed different light on certain issue, and contribute to the humanity as a whole. "For instance", he said, "churches should conduct seminars or conferences on topic related to the enhancement of sexual pleasure for married couples". *wink wink*

"Another instance is that whenever churches send provisions like clothing or toiletries to overseas missionaries, they should also include condoms. This is because at certain countries, missionary couples might not have access to contraceptive means." *wink wink wink*

mmm... I have never thought of that. Have you?

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