Monday, June 16, 2008

Disembodied Liturgy Contributes to Christian Hypocrisy?

I was in the midst of the youth congregation when they were offering songs of praises which one of them has the chorus:

“…we fall on our knees…”

But none of the congregation fell on their knees.

This is puzzling. How could the congregation be offering praises to God yet not embodying the offered praises?

Could this be a subconscious factor contributing to Christian hypocrisy, where the people are verbally expressing one thing yet they are physically expressing the contrary?

The point is that if our physical expression does not embody our verbal expression, especially when we are offering praises whether to other humans or to God, then our sincerity is questionable.

It is not that we were singing, “I’ll fly to the moon and back…”, some extraordinary action that we can’t do. Falling down on our knees is something that we can do on the spot, in the church, during the service. And if we don’t even bother to do things that are manageable, then should we expect ourselves to do other manageable things that we can do but do not do, like loving our neighbours as ourselves?

Hence disembodied liturgy is a subtle instillation of hypocrisy in the congregation. I think that such practices allow members of the church to cultivate the norm of not living out what they express verbally.

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