Friday, May 23, 2008

What Is So Special About Some Malaysia's Malays?

Recently there have been uneasiness concerning the 'specialty' (contra special rights) of the Malays in Malaysia. And I got curious about this because I seriously am ignorant of how special are Malays in Malaysia.

There have been talks about Malays being the 'special' race, the first-class citizens & etc among non-Malay Malaysians. Hence no part of my head was left unscratched over this question. And you know what? I found the answer a few days ago! It came like an epiphany. So, I'm going to share it with you here. It came through a letter, written in Malay language:

Kau jangan cuba mempersoalkan keistimewaan orang melayu (translation: Don't try to question the special rights of the Malay people - I think a better translation is "specialty" since their "special rights" come following their "special" standing, and not the other way around).

Kau jangan cuba mempersoalkan kuasa raja-raja melayu (Don't try to question the Malay rulers' powers).

Kalau kau tak berhenti!!!! peluru ini akan melekat pada kepala dahi kau (If you don't stop, this bullet will be lodged in your forehead).

Ingat kau Bengali! Jangan lupa!!!! (Remember, Bengali! Don't forget!).

Ini adalah amaran pertama.... (This is your first warning).

Have you figure out what's the "specialty" of the author of the letter and those who sympathize with him/her? (Obviously, I'm not referring all Malays!).

If you still can't get it, here: Their "specialty" is in their tendency to lodge bullets into people's head when they think (more like 'hallucinate') people are questioning their 'standing' (that's of course, if their so-called 'standing' is legitimate in the first place, in a multi-cultural country that propagates its representative identity as 'Truly Asia')!

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