Friday, May 02, 2008

Sell Sons For $2 Billions

On Labor Day, Nalika asked me whether would I sell my son if someone offers $2 billion for him. I told her that if someone able to offer that kind of amount (and the fact that paedophiles don’t have such fortune), then my son would live a luxurious life under such person’s care. So I will sell him my son.

Nalika said that was bad. If she is my son’s mother, she will kill herself to let me sell our son. She meant that I could only sell our son over her dead body. When she said that, I sense her nobility and sacrificial love streaming out. What a great mother, I thought.

And so, I replied that if that’s her decision, then for the sake of my son’s luxurious life and her eternal joy, I shall deprive myself from her company and will not resist her from gaining her everlasting bliss. So I will have to let her kill herself. Only after that, I will sell our son.

With $2 billions, I can build university or foundation, and invest to get more so that I can do more for the church and the society. Not a bad idea, right?

Nalika remarked that I have the gift of being a lawyer. Do I? I didn’t realize lawyers sell their sons for $2 billions to build university and stuffs.

Disclaimer: Of course, I know what Nalika meant during the whole conversation! I was not a pig in my previous life (if you hadn’t realize)! It's a play on hermeneutics. Thiselton, no offence :-)

Of course you don't sell your sons, if you can raise them!!!! Unless the offer is $3 billions.

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