Saturday, May 24, 2008

Reversed Correspondence

When I was very boring and dying to chill out on some Friday nights, no one is free or share my chill out passion. No SMS on my mobile phone. No one called.

And when I need to work on Saturday and Sunday, like this weekend, the whole world is trying to get me out. Yesterday there were:

1) Ben Witherington's public lecture at 7.45pm-9.45pm
2) Two-Left-Feet salsa social night from 9.45pm-12 midnight
3) Evelyn called up to go for a 9pm movie
4) Annie Wong called to chill at Orchard Rd at 9.30pm
5) Angie SMS at 10.50pm, asking for hang out

And knowing that I have to go for the "Opened Eyes in a Darkened Room" the next day from 3pm-6pm, then need to stand by in my office from 7pm-9pm. Then on Sunday, need to work from 8.30am-1pm. And after that, will be having dinner with David Pek. So, I had to deprive myself from being 'happening'.

What's fate and time doing? All these SMSes and calls should burst from my mobile during my super boring Fridays, not when I need to toil the ground in the weekend. What a reversed correspondence! Is the keeper of fate and time a joker?

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