Sunday, May 04, 2008

My Take on Westminster Theological Seminary's HTFC's Theological Approach

Using the Westminster Theological Seminary’s (WTS) HTFC’s “Inspiration and Incarnation: A Response”, I aim to examine seminary's approaches to doctrinal formulation, which was used to evaluate Enns’ thesis. 

Hence I will not be in any sense defend Peter Enns’ stance per se. My interest lies with the 3 underlying theological presumptions and methods that gave rise to WTS’ disagreement with Enns.

*WTS’s Hermeneutic Field Committee (HFC) that sympathizes with Peter Enns’ thesis has provided a detailed and extensive reply to the HTFC report.


Augustinian Successor said...

Well articulated comment, Joshua! And I've just finished my exams! And I also need time to digest what you have said. Look forward to discussing with you, brother.

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Jason,

Good time is always post-exam time. Look forward to interact with you too :)