Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gospel Of Peter Is Not So Weird Anymore

I used to think that the gospel of Peter is weird. And I kept thinking that until now. Now, I think the gospel is not so weird anymore. Not that it is not weird at all, but just not that weird. Why not so weird anymore?

Read for yourself:

And, as they declared what things they had seen, again they see three men come forth from the tomb, and two of them supporting one, and a cross following them: and of the two the head reached unto the heaven, but the head of him that was led by them overpassed the heavens. And they heard a voice from the heavens, saying, Thou hast preached to them that sleep. And a response was heard from the cross, "Yea".

Weird, right? But why not as weird now? It's all because of a new shipment.

You see, I was unpacking the new arrived stocks in my office this afternoon. A lot of stocks indeed. So I was busy unpacking them, checking the stocks quantity, and tagging prices on them. After a while, I started to hear voices coming out from the box. When I look into the box, I saw...

Either that was a revelation, or am I starting to hallucinate..... Can you see the crosses talking in the pictures above? If you can, then probably the gospel of Peter is not so unbelievable after all.

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