Saturday, May 17, 2008

Genesis 1: Application

The downside of renting a room is that you don't feel like investing in furniture. Thus I don't have a bookshelf which everyone knows I need. Nonetheless, one fine day, being inspired by Genesis 1, I took effort to arrange the chaotic situation in my room, putting stuffs in order.


In the beginning, Joshua created some space. Now the space was formless and empty, dust was all over the surface of the deep, and the vacuum cleaner of Joshua hovering over it.

And Joshua said, "Let there is cleanliness", and there was cleanliness. Joshua saw that the clean space is good and separated the foundational books from the essential books. Joshua called the foundational books "Biblical Studies". There was the first row.

Then Joshua said, "Let there be an expanse between the Biblical Studies to separate from OT studies from NT studies." So Joshua made the expanse and separated the OT to the left and the NT to the right. And Joshua saw that it was good.

Then Joshua said, "Let the theological textbooks be right to the NT and let the philosophical texts be together with it." And so it was. Joshua called the two rows "Cultural studies". And Joshua saw that it was good.

And Joshua said, "Let the Bibles be separated from the rest, not together with any of the row." So Joshua picked out the Bibles and placed them to a special section in front of the OT section. Each Bible was well placed according to their kind. And Joshua saw that it was good. Joshua blessed himself and said, "May I be fruitful whenever I read these sacred text."

Finally after putting everything in order, Joshua said, "Let me make something according to my liking." So Joshua made himself a cup of coffee. And Joshua saw that all that he had done, and it was very good.



Steven Sim said...

hahaha..that's funny

My books are as messy, but i got a few shelf to put them. Most of them are in boxes though

Steven Sim

Nalika said...

You can always come up with your version of Genesis 1.

So funny

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Steven & Nalika,

Glad you like it. I was too boring at the library so before the library closed, I managed to write this 'insider' jokes.