Friday, May 09, 2008

7th Building Bridges Seminar

The 7th Building Bridges Seminar was held on 6th - 8th May 2008 at Rome. When I read something like that, I shiver with excitement and awe. Why? Because such seminar brings the message "different people can in fact be civilized and talk to one another peacefully" back to us. Such events help us to realized this. It's a glimpse of HOPE.

ok... time to complain... The 6th Building Bridges was supposed to be held in Malaysia last year. But the *unpopular prime minister Abdullah Badawi clumsily canceled the event. And he did that last minute! For your info, the seminar took one year to prepare!

If Malaysia is the litmus test for harmonious and civilized dialog between these two great faiths, then we have failed it. And we failed it because Abdullah failed it!

Though he doesn't know how to spell 'HOPE', he is still not hopeless. In Malaysia, we do have primary schools that teach that.

*unpopular because many citizens don't trust him, his predecessor despises him, and his own party members want to grill him.

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