Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Conquest of Canaan: Did It Happen?, P.2

2) Chronology

A clear timeline is important in this study. Therefore I have listed the relevant time period below for reference. Throughout this work, BC (period Before Christ) is used interchangeably with BCE (period Before Common Era). This is because the sources that I consult differ in their preference for these two terms. So, my usage of these terms should not be deemed insensitive to any particular group since it is more for practical rather than ideological reason.

2.a) Timeline

Early Bronze Age (3200 – 2000 BCE)
Middle Bronze Age (2000 – 1550 BCE)
Late Bronze Age (1550 – 1200 BCE)
Iron Age (1200 – 300 BCE)

16th century BCE (1501 – 1600 BCE)
15th century BCE (1401 – 1500 BCE)
14th century BCE (1301 – 1400 BCE)
13th century BCE (1201 – 1300 BCE)
12th century BCE (1101 – 1200 BCE)
11th century BCE (1001 – 1100 BCE)

It is important to know that our earliest epigraphical evidence mentioning “Israel” is found on the ‘Merneptah stele’. It is currently being displayed at Cairo Museum. The stele is dated to 13th century BCE (see Miller & Hayes, 2006:39-41; Lemche, 1998:35-38).

(Merneptah Stele, 13th century B.C.)

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