Thursday, March 27, 2008

Modern Resurrection

In conjunction with Easter, we have a modern resurrection! This one is not dead for 3 days, but for 4 months!

So is Zach Dunlap the 'Son of God'?

N.T Wright, G. Habermas, W. L. Craig, D. Allison, R. Swinburne and gangs will say 'NO!'. Unless Zach was talking in apocalyptic languages and parables, issuing verbal indulgences, and fighting over corrupted authorities, his resurrection is that of Lazarus' and not of Jesus. If not, we would have to summon an ecumenical council to formulate a 'Quadity'.

But this particular phenomenon does ridicule those..*ahem* Ludermann-Erhman-Avalos-Price *ahem*.. who insist that coming back from the dead is impossible.

Man declared dead feels 'pretty good'

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