Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why Can't Both?

I'll be going back to Singapore tomorrow.

I have been enjoying myself tremendously in the past few days. Feel can't really let go such pleasures. There are pleasures in Singapore too but somehow it is different. Some people that I met in this past week actually think that being overseas is *better*, but I think that is rather too simplistic.

I don't hate Malaysia. I hate the current government. I love the place where I grew up in. The people here are very different. I feel very comfortable and blend in very well even if I met them for the first time.

On the other hand, I admire Singapore's government. They might not turned out to be the best around, but if placed Singapore and Malaysia together, I don't see current Malaysia's rulers any better than their neighbors. Sure, both have things to learn from one another given the similarities that we share, but in that case, Malaysia's government will be the one most benefited.

Not that I don't feel comfortable with Singaporeans. I work with them, live with them, hang out with them, and enjoying very much doing everything with them. It is just that there is this lack of cultural affinity. It is my problem, I guess. Or perhaps, it is not really the differences between citizens but, rather, individuals. And hence, it is not really a matter of people in specific places, but individuals that I have met. Or am I being pretentious? I don't know but I do feel pathetic to even contemplate these issues. There are people who knows what they want and set their lives towards it. And my person is not that sort. I am more reserved to options. And, I think, that is THE problem.

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