Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sleep Deep

It’s so refreshing to start the day. Probably because I find myself able to articulate and express myself better. It’s the result of journaling. Scribbling down one’s existential endeavour helps one to recollect and consolidate one’s thoughts and emotions of the day. Having heard Soo Inn in his seminars on Wednesday and Thursday, and having watched Gubra and listened to its director Yasmin Ahmad talk about her inspiration, experiences, and challenges in filmmaking pushed me to keep a journal.

I had deep sleeps in the past two nights. I lost touch with such luxuries for a while. Although the duration are only 4-6 hours, but still they are marvellous. The feeling of waking up without remembering you were sleeping is very relieving and addictive.

My most vivid memories of frequent deep sleeps are the mornings when I was in primary school. At 6am each morning, my mom will wake me up for school. And each time when she did that, very often I find myself waking up without remembering that I fell asleep in the night before. It is as though in a blink the morning came. Has the time stopped when my consciousness rested? I certainly felt so.

Each morning, I woke up without the memory of all the previous moments before the wake. It is a new birth. But such bliss last only in split second. Usually, the immediate moment after I’m awake, my consciousness starts recollecting memories. It’s like computers. The immediate moment right after a computer is being switched on, it recollects back the format that it previously had before it was switched off. Such recollection happens every morning during that early period of my life.

That is, in those days, every morning I woke up recollecting memories. This is now my memory of me recollecting memories.

The recent Friday’s deep sleep is odd. I know from experiences that I don’t sleep well if I take alcoholic drinks before sleeping. And that night, I consumed a few hundreds millilitre of champagne and vodka. Though only 4 hours of slumber, nonetheless I felt refreshed when I woke up. Though as odd as it is to me, I learn a new formula from that.

Hundreds of millilitre of champagne and vodka + sleep at 6am = deep sleep


Alex Tang said...

champagne + volka, that's not sleeping, that's light anesthesia :)

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Alex,

Right. I'll distinguish that from deep sleep. Thank you for the tip :)