Saturday, February 09, 2008

Judge A Person By The Skin?

The 2nd day of Chinese New Year coincides with Jorin's birthday this year. Steven, being a good-bf-wanna-be, threw a surprise bash at Segafredo, Autocity for Jorin. I arrived late, at about 11pm, and was surprised that there were dozens of people at the tables. Met new friends and caught up with old ones.

One worth mentioning happening is the conversation between Steven and Junior, a new friend. Junior asked Steven what does he do for leisure. Steven said he reads. And Junior laughed hysterically as if it is incredible. And when Junior asked further what does Steven read, I can see that Steven was struggling hard to articulate in commoner's term for 'philosophical hermeneutics' and 'the quest for the historical Jesus'. And this is where I jumped in. I interrupted, answering on behalf of Steven, "history".

Steven nodded, "Yes, I read history". His answer tickled and add to Junior's laughter. I was really puzzled at Junior's response. After Junior had calm down, I asked him why is he laughing. And he replied that Steven doesn't look like someone who read. Curiously, I probed him further, why is that so? He said that the way Steven talks, his delights in appreciating and complimenting creaturely beauty, his appetite for red wines, and his frequent visits to places with musics and alcohol don't make him as someone who reads. I got more curious. And this time I am the one that felt a bit incredible why such disposition doesn't go along with the interest of reading. I'm puzzled even till now.

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