Friday, February 29, 2008

Hermeneutics Quiz

While waiting for my colleague to hand me a document, I did Scot McKnight's Hermeneutics Quiz. My score is 74. The result says that I'm a 'progressive' among the other 2 groups: 'Conservative' and 'Moderate'.

"...the progressive tends to see the Bible as historically shaped and culturally conditioned, and yet most still consider it the Word of God for today. Following a progressive hermeneutic, for the Word to speak in our day, one must interpret what the Bible said in its day and discern its pattern for revelation in order to apply it to our world. The strength, as with the moderate but even more so, is the challenge to examine what the Bible said in its day, and this means the progressives tend to be historians..."

I do identify my hermeneutics as that. Yet McKnight is right to point out the problems of such take, "are predictable: Will the Bible's so-called "plain meaning" be given its due and authoritative force to challenge our world? Or will the Bible be swallowed by a quest to find modern analogies that sometimes minimize what the text clearly says?"

Go and take it. See which camp do you belong in. Then we can argue later :)


Kar Yong said...

I scored 72 - so we are pretty close! Haha

Jack Said said...

I've got 68, still pretty much a fence sitter, just slightly off the mark to be a moderate at 65.

I liked what Mcknight said:

"moderates have a flexible hermeneutic that gives them the freedom to pick and choose on which issues they will be progressive or conservative. For that reason, moderates are more open to the charge of inconsistency. What impresses me most about moderates are the struggles they endure to render judgments on hermeneutical issues."

"The progressive is not always progressive. Those who score 66 or more can be seen as leaning toward the progressive side, but the difference between at 66 and 92 is dramatic."

Sze Zeng said...

Hi KY,

great! We are 'progressive'.

I think McKnight is being careful and non-judgmental to use the term 'progressive' instead of 'liberal'.

The latter has too many baggages. McKnight is smart.


Sze Zeng said...

Hi Jack,

"go all out" is like Jesus commanding people to forsake everything and follow him. You can't sit on the fence. Jump over!