Monday, January 21, 2008

Ignorant People

If a person who doesn't know why he/she believes in something, and if he/she doesn't contend to others that his/her belief is THE right/true one, then this person is NOT ignorant. It is just alethio-apathetic, not ignorant.

An ignorant person is he/she who doesn't know why he/she believes in something, and yet contends that his/her belief is THE right/true one. Worst, this person prevents others from finding out the reason to believe in anything by themselves.

Steven told me about such person last Saturday. Such attitude really exist! Not in the university, not at home, not in corporate companies.... guess where?? The church!

Last week, after I came out from a MRT station, i was asked by someone to do a short survey. The survey is interesting. There are only 5 (or so) questions, and all related to Christianity. So I did them. Until I reached the 5th question, i just realize this is another heretical evangelist who try to convert other faithfuls to his heretical doctrines. The 5th question asks whether do you realize the word 'Elohim' in OT is not singular, and that there God the Father and God the Mother.

The heretical evangelist showed me Gen 1.27... that God in his image (singular), created him (singular), male and female (2 persons), He created them.

Then he turned to Rev 21.2... I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband. (italic mine)

Then he relate Rev 21.2 to Gal 4.26... But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother.

"See? There is God the Mother," said the heretical evangelist.

In reaction, I told him that he is pulling out passages to fit his doctrines. He has not deal with the text individually in their own literary context. Then told him about J, E, P, D and other stuffs.

Then he asked whether am I a seminarian. I told him that I am not, I read up on myself because I realize the difficulty to understand the bible, and also that the bible is a powerful tool that people manipulates to justifies almost everything. Creating their own doctrines and creeds, and propagates them.

We talked for another few minutes before he kept his NIV bible, shook my hand, and told me that he will send some articles to me to read, which I still haven't received till now.

So, now, how would an ignorant person respond in such situation? He/she could walk off feeling that the heretical evangelist as a heretic for no other reason that he has a different doctrines, or be spurred to re-examine and find out more about his/her own belief. But, since he/she is a ignorant person, he/she would just walk away feeling pity for the heretic without any thought of re-examining his/her basis for thinking that the heretic as a heretic; without feeling pity to him/herself.

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