Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Finished: The Bible After Babel

A concise and easy to read introductory book on historical criticism on the Bible. The book discusses the contemporary research for the 'ancient Israelites', Liberationalist Theology, Ideological (feminist etc) criticism, and how Biblical Theology should be conducted in a post-modern world.

The last part first and the last part are especially interesting and insightful. In the former, the author surveys through briefly the development of the studies revolving the OT in general, Pentateuch in particular, with generous supply of bibliographies. For the latter, Collins examines Brevard Childs' canonical approach and Walter Brueggemann's post-modern OT theology.

This book reminds me of C.S Lewis' Mere Christianity, not because they are similar in content but rather both books most inspire me to sprint further in my amateurish studies.