Saturday, August 11, 2007

Amezcua Bio Disc

When I reached home (Penang) today, my mom introduced a thing called Bio Disc to me, a product by Amezcua. It's invented by Dr. Ian Lyons in Germany. It's alleged that whenever water flow through the disc, the molecules will be altered and enabled to create positive energy and harmonise body's rhythmus. In short, when i got thirsty, i just need to pour water through the disc before drinking. After a while, detoxification will start happening and your body will get healthier.

She also demonstrates how miraculous the disc is by 4 experiments:

1) Place some salt on the disc. After some moment, i taste the salt which was placed on the disc. Then i tasted the other salt which is in the normal container. The salt in the container is more salty. I thought to myself it's pretty amazing. My mom said that it is due to the disc's energy that neutralizes the saltiness. But my postmodern disposition is too inbuilt that i couldn't stop by just one try. So i took a normal saucer and pour salt on it. Waited for a few minutes, i tasted the salt from the saucer and then followed by the salt from the disc. Then i did this repeatedly only to realize the saltiness from both, the saucer and the disc, is the same.

2) Some slices of lemon being placed on the disc for a while. I tasted the lemon then followed by normal slices of lemon. The slices on the disc are supposed to be less sour than the normal slices. But i didn't feel any differences.

3) 100 plus being pour through the disc into a cup. I drank the 'neutralized' 100 plus before i drank the normal one. The neutralized 100 plus was not as gassier. This is nothing special since pouring through the disc would have eliminated some of the 'gas'.

4) Squeeze some skin lotion on the disc. Then apply them on my left arm and followed by applying the normal lotion on my right arm. The 'neutralized' lotion supposed to absolved faster into the skin. Still, i didn't think and feel so.

After these experiments, i began to worried over my parents. The whole fuss about this disc is quackery. Following my anti-authoritarian postmodern's instinct, i sat down in-front of the computer and start googling.

I found the Amezcua website. The description is impressive:

"Technically engineered natural minerals have been structurally bonded in glass, at molecular level, using several high-heat fusion methods. This combination of techniques causes a catalytic energy conversion which creates a long-lasting, specific natural Nano resonance in the BIO DISC."

I'm not good with physics but I'm aware of some of the advancement in science. Such statement is a big claim. Together with my marketing instinct, I got suspicious of this Bio Disc. I'm really anxious for my parents, relatives, and family friends who are using this product. Yet on the other hand, I do not want my parents to feel cheated. In such ambiguity, the best thing I could do is to find out more about this product.

And true to my suspicion, I came to Discovery Channel discussion page and found people discussing about this disc.

There is this Dr. Stephen Lower, a retired professor of chemistry from Simon Fraser University, who've studied this disc and found it to be a fake. Besides debunking 'energized-water', concerning the Bio disc, he commented:

"[Structure-altered water] mixes new-age "spirituality", pseudoscience, and plain weird goofiness to provide a variety of products for the same kind of suckers who are taken in by Masuro Emoto-style water wonders."

This kind of theory about water seem to had come from Masuro Emoto. I came across his book at Kinokuniya few months ago. He wrote that water can respond to our communication and shaped in hexagonal cluster crystal at molecular level (electron microscope at 20,000x magnification). The fact is that there is no such thing. Water can't respond to our talking nor are they shaped like ice crystals!

Gary Greenberg commented on Emoto's work:

"As a scientist, I was astonished. It didn’t surprise me that I couldn’t find any scientific experiments [Emoto] has performed or any peer-reviewed journal articles that have been published describing controlled studies of Emoto’s work. A further search revealed that Emoto’s degree was from the Open International University in India, where an M.D. degree costs $500 and a Ph.D. costs $350, no classes or tests required."

Kristopher Setchfield has researched on Emoto's work and concluded, "After the lengthy review of Emoto’s research methods and results, I have come to believe that Dr. Emoto is offering pseudoscience to the masses in the guise of defensible research."

I hope such fraud will be exposed to the public so that less people be cheated. That's why this blog. Pass the message around!

Update 16 Aug 2007:
Check out the Amezcua's disclaimer statement (viewed on 16 Aug 07):

"Should the buyer and/or user experience any contra indication of any nature whatsoever or feel that it may, the buyer and/or user should immediately consult its medical practitioner/ physician and seek professional medical advice. It is the responsibility of the buyer and/or user to ensure that this product’s use is appropriate for any particular application. This product has been used traditionally and has not been scientifically evaluated for its benefits and efficacy.

The information contained herein has been compiled from sources believed to be reliable but no warranty, expressed or implied, is given that the information is complete or accurate nor that it is fit for a particular purpose. All such warranties are expressly disclaimed and excluded. Any opinions, recommendations and forecasts provided are not necessarily the current opinions, recommendations and forecasts of the sources and may be changed without notice at any time. All liability whatsoever arising from any error in or omission herein and for all consequences of relying on it are expressly disclaimed.

This product is sold "as is" without any warranty of any kind. Amezcua hereby disclaims all warranties and conditions with regard to this product including all implied warranties and conditions of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose."

In other words, the company does not warrant any claim for bio disc, claims includes its benefits:

  • It is known to create positive energy field
  • It can potentially harmonise and balance your body’s rhythmus.

This is like saying, "This $500 disc can improve your health but there is no warranty that it is so." Add to that, there is no scientific claims being warranted as well 'This product has been used traditionally and has not been scientifically evaluated for its benefits and efficacy.'

In the end, it's really an outright fraud! It's like selling hamburgers that can heal your stomach problem!

Update 16 November 2010:
Here is the video evidence of how Ian Lyons used party trick to lie about scalar energy generated from the disc. Do watch and free yourself from Lyons' lie.


Anonymous said...

I also used and tested BIO DISC in many dirrerent ways but found it no more than a piece of glass, no effect of whatever to health

Sze Zeng said...

Hi anonymous, can you email me your particular so that i can verify with you further? Pls email me at

I'm very concern over my parents' involvment in this. Appreciate u.

Anonymous said...

two years or so ago, some of my muslim frens, particularly this dear friend who has converted to Islam sent me articles claiming that a scientist from Universiti Malaya had also made an Emoto sort of discovery, that the water responded to quranic verses read into them/blew into them and became hexagonic crystal-like hablour. I asked for details such as publication or even the name of such scientist with hope to confront him at UM, but nothing came back to this day.

Well, hope I won't see emails circulating by Christians claiming this sort of pseudo science mumbo jumbo.

Brief but great study, i love the spirit, i think it's part of being ambassadors of the kingdom. to expose fraud and agenda which devalues humanity everywhere they are found. God be with you!


Anonymous said...

I also tried to dechlorine tap water, which BIODISC suppose to eleminate chlorine from tap water, it fail to do so, chlorine tester can be obtain from fish shop or water filtration supply shop. just try it out and see.

Anonymous said...

If BIODISC seem to be able to cure or improve on health, it's because of PLACEBO effect, a scientific proven mind healing.

Anonymous said...

There is another similar product called AMEGA Nano Wand, which is made from fusion of 12 mineral(lagi terror)must be much more effective and more effecient than BIODISC!!!! check it out at Amega Global website, however BIODISC is suppose to be an exclusive invention by Dr.Ian LLoyd from Australia. How can this be???

Sze Zeng said...

Dear all anonymous, will appreciate if you leave a name so that i can verify with :)

Some responses that i got are: 'science cannot prove CHI (or QI)', 'science cannot prove the supernatural', 'how do we know which experts are reliable?', 'we can't trust data from internet'.

Anonymous said...

There is another catch in Amezcua's disclaimer - that BIODISC has been use as traditionally, how can a new invention (nano technology) by Dr. Ian be a traditional medicine, it's not invented 1000 years ago

TLD said...

if you cant trust data on the internet, nor can u trust Dell nor AirAsia. if you can trust these companies, then u can trust questnet.

i hope those who post are being wise on your answers. i think u have not tried the biodisc correctly.

Regarding dechlorine tap water, you got the whole wrong idea. Try put your fish(goldfish?) in a newly energized tap water and non-energized tap water see, what happens.

Sze Zeng said...

TLD, you can't compare BioDisc with Dell or AirAsia. The latter have all their description being published online and in-print without the disclaimer like that of BioDisc.

This point itself substantiate the claim of Dell and AirAsia.

Pls read the disclaimer at Amezcua's website. And compare that with Dell and AirAsia.

Anonymous said...

Dechlorine can be tested by using chlorine tester available from the fish pet shop, I have tried several times and prove that nothing change test positive for (chlorine) on the water running through biodisc but with dechlorine water filter the test is negative, no need to talk about gold fish which is subjective (it may died for some other reasons) use scientific test and not subjective test like taste.

Anonymous said...

Only naive people will trust all/any data on the net, you have to differentiate them, try trusting lottery scam and bank in money to them, see what will happen, do you think they will send you your lottery money that they promise you

TLD said...

As far as i know, it does not dechlorine at all. This is not how it works. What the scalar energy did was to restructure the molecules of the chlorine and when entering the body, the body knows how to handle it. The fish who takes the chlorine water knows what to do with the chlorine because it understands it. The fish didnt die that fast. Like i say, try it yourself first and do some experiments like how u do in form4/5. Use one as control and one with biowater. No matter how much one may say or explain its just not easy to understand/believe. A piece of glass right? Yeah..You have to do experiment and try it. Try it on other people. Don't let them know and let them tell the difference. It just like me telling there's wind. You cant see them, u can question about them, but once u feel them, u know its wind.

And if u want to prove it scientificly, and if u have lots of money, i suggest you to buy the machines to test. A company, Prognos, certifies it. And that's scientifically proven. Oh wait.. let me guess, Prognos is a scam too?

End of the day, its for well-being. It's up to you to believe. It's your health btw. Company wise, memang tak ada problem :) Datuk kenak caught? Issue solved a few days ago! Either you can believe those who write something bad and lose an opportunity, or you can check out more info first. If you can gather so much info against one company, try gather more info to see if what these negativity written is true or not. To me is simple, to make a good judgement, you got to listen to both sides first. Have you done just one side or both sides?

Have a great weekdays!

TLD said...

to anoymous 7:46 PM:

since u have a biodisc, here's a challenge to you. try this for yourself. just carry that disc with you for a week. sleep with it too. bath with it too. careful not to drop it. after one week, dont use it at all. keep it far away from you. then u come back here n tell me what is the difference u feel :) i'd like to know if its just me or do u feel the same way too. what is going to happen? id not let u know, u tell me.. ill check back this thread day to day. hear from you soon.

Sze Zeng said...

Hi tld,

First there is no such thing as Prognos certification. The nearest so-called Prognos machine is some nonsensical machine sold here:

There isn't any details on the website about the machine's history or whatever. It's another bluff.

And besides, the Amezcua's disclaimer already disclaim all their own claims!

I just dont get it. The company (Amezcua) itself already say that they can't affirm any of the facts on their website, but Biodisc-enthusiasts like yourself try to affirm for them what they dont affirm.

I've done both sides. And i heard one of the ploy by Ian Lyon is to move the BioDisc around people's body. He said that such exposure will modified the person's body so that they (4 persons) can lift a person up with just their fingers.
The problem is that this trick was made known to me even before i know about BioDisc last year!

It's nothing to do with the BioDisc at all. My fren did it on us without any disc!! If Lyon need to resort to such tricks to sell his products, then this is really questionable!

Sze Zeng said...

A lot of these tricks are psychological rather than physics or biological.

If you think BioDisc is real because you feel uneasy without the disc with you, then how about a fren of mine who feels uneasy when his metalic-crafted penis, which he believes to be a good-luck charm, is not being carried around? So is the metalic penis as real as BioDisc?

Both didn't claim facts for themselves, both make the carrier feel strange. So, both are real?

Anonymous said...

I was and still do this jungle trek up a 300m hill many weekends and it's like a benchmark of my fitness level if I am not feeling well slightly it will take me a longer to reach the peak (I always take the time, to compete with others) Once, I try carry BIODISC in my water backpack and drink BIODISC Energized water to do the same accent. Absolute no effect whatsoever, any changes in my performance I will know. How I hope it can improve my energy level then I shall beat many of my friends.

Bell said...

i saw my fren do demo with biodisc by placing a cup of plain water onto it and he other cup 1 metres away from it. after some 10-20 minutes, i could differentiate the 2 glass from just looking at the water. The 'energised' water are more clear than the other. And it taste lighter,and more cleaned (i dont know why,but it feels that way).

I dont really believed this so called miracle but i surely cant ignore these results. How can this happen? Could you give me some reasons?

Benedict Kong said...

There is no background/history about the inventor of Biodisc who named Dr. Ian Lyons.

Where did he gets his DR title??

Any other proven inventions of his?

Any international awards he received?

Did he won the Noble price (or he won himself Oscar award for good acting)?

Anyone can claim himself as Thomas Edison II, Albert Einstein IV, Alexander Graham Bell III, etc.

If the Disc is so damn good, why there is NO WARRANTY GIVEN BY AMEZCUA???

Check this out:

Also remember, why there is HARDCORE PROMOTERS telling a thousand good points about BioDisc?

Don't forget, BioDisc is one of the product distributed by Questnet.
It's running a binary plan to balance the tree of 3/3=250.
People are getting paid when refer 6 people as downlines which manually position 3 L and 3R to get US$250. And you know what?! 1 BioDisc cost US$500!!! Downlines lost US$3000+ for the sake of a small commission cheque of US$250!!

Find out more about "BioDisc scam" or "Questnet" and you will surprise the history that Questnet WAS Goldquest. Also surprisingly that Goldquest compensation plan similar to Gold Unlimited.

Wow... good luck if you thinking of becoming an IR. Remember NO REFUND!!!

Antonmax said...


Your water backpack is sure more energetic than you! If you are going to track 300m up da hill, then try to put inside yourself. Then you can see the difference!

Antonmax said...

Wah! Metallic crafted penis! What happened to his real one? Kena crafted kah! Patuh lah he felt uneasy without his "penis", crafted or real, cos who can blame him if he felt like half a man without it! Would you feel psychological or physical/biological without one yourself?

Benedict Kong said...

Ops, one of the hardcore BioDisc promoter is here, Antonmax!
Perhaps, he could able to answer my questions about who is Dr. Ian Lyon.

Antonmax, I hope you don't mind tell everybody WHO is Dr Ian Lyon!

Antonmax said...

Oophs, Benedict Kong,

I honestly do not know! I am one pretty ignorant guy who needs you to enlighten me! I know of your power of deliverance (in knowledge and in spite), and I am depending on you to feed me all that I need to know. That's why I follow you around, you know that, don't you!

And, after you have shared that info with me, I would gladly share with all others, I promise. X my heart.....

Antonmax said...

annoy mous,

Are you specilised in your other life, I mean blog? All your stories sounded so familiar to my good buddy specilised, so I am guessing that you must be one the the same! But, before I point fingers, I must seek clarification from you first, right, not like someone who likes to assume without verification at all!

Benedict Kong said...

Antonmax aka Chow Choong Yin,

You are a Questnet IR, and you are BioDisc promoter. You have stand up giving testimonial about your sinus as your "old friend". I believe, a prospect that concern about the validity of claims that Biodisc is "holy" is very important. No point for your to attack those who against Questnet and also disbelief in Biodisc. This shows a bad character of a Biodisc promoter like you.

Your action in attacking each and every "disbelief" people of BioDisc in many blogs DOES MAKE BIODISC A BIGGER SCAM! Your uplines, TP and Steve should Thank You for your hardwork!

Antonmax said...

benedict kong,

Why do you keep insisting that I am Chow Choong Yin! From this assumption, all others you mentioned are just assumptions!

Hey, my dear dear good old buddy, I am just following you around the block, oophs, I mean blog! Why so like that one! You "invited" me, remember!

You mean that you can attack people for their beliefs, and I can't! What's this? This blog is just for one sided views!

Sze Zeng said...

Dear Antonmax and Benedict Kong,

Pls don't exploit this blog. You guys may discuss the topic but not spamming the space with your rhetorics.

And pls use real identity in posting your comments. I'll be deleting all comments hereafter that do not carry real identities in this post.

Thank you.

Sze Zeng said...

And mind you, Antonmax. This post is meant to present objective, empirical, testable, and naturalistic infomation on BioDisc. If that's one-sided, then i dont know what else isn't.

Anonymous said...

The only sensible reason for energy emitting from BIODISC must be by radiation of particles, anything to to with usage of radiation and energy must be approved by Atomic Energy Licencing Board, ministry of science, technology and innovation in Malaysia, at Batu 24 Jalan Dengkil 43800 Dengkil Selangor DE Tel:03-89267699 Fax: 03-89223685. It illegal, can be jailed to import/own/use atomic energy, radioactive emitting device. e.g X-Ray, Density measurement device. it is a serious offence, heavy fine and can be jailed if there is no approval from AELB for import/own/use radioactice device in Malaysia.
So BIODISC owner and promoter beware, make sure BIODISC does not emmit any harmful radioactice particles that can change taste of food, wine etc. I also understood from AELB Officer that some radioactive could sterile male, killing sperm in long term if exposed (Cannot have children) anyone near AELB can give BIODISC and test by AELB, I have import C14 isotope many years ago so I know.

Stevie Tan said...

Dear Sze Zeng,

I can understand how you feel about not wanting your parents to be mislead by a piece of glass and I really appreciate you doing some research on the Bio Disc and not taking things in blindly.

I am writing to you because I can see that you are a very objective person and keen in knowing more about the Bio Disc. And I trust that you will evalute the information I am about to share with you fairly.

How does the Bio Disc work?
1. The Bio Disc is made with 13 type of crystal minerals being infused onto a piece of high-grade glass using 3,000 degree of heat.
2. The Bio Disc emits "Beta Rhythm Resonance" that help convert unstructured (dead) water to structured (living) water.
3. The structured water hydrates our cells easier. Beside hydrating our cells better, it also helps bring in more nutrients, oxygen, glucose into our cells... and more importantly, a properly hydrated cells can remove waste much easier. Being able to remove waste effectively from our body cells is key to a speedy recovery from illnesses.

Please understand that it's the structured water that helps our cells being properly hydrated and hence the cycle of self healing can take place. Certain people can get immediate results from the Bio Disc but most people might need up to 3 months to feel any difference.

Mental well being plays a very important role too. If a person keeps thinking he or she is not well, even panacea can't help. All I can say is that the Bio Disc works... as long as you want it to work.

Please understand that we never promise the Bio Disc can help cure diseases, cancer and such. Whoever that got such promises please report to your respective senior working partners. He or she needs to get the proper information before promoting the Bio Disc.

Another reason I am writing to you is because my good friend's name Chow Choong Yin is being mentioned and misused. Chow is one of the most honest, straight forward and trust worthy person I have ever known. I would even trust my life with him. I hope the bloggers can give him his privacy.

Sze Zeng, if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 017-8828281. I am based in KL and I teach people how to use the Bio Disc properly almost every Saturday in Amcorp, PJ.

Just like you, I started off being doubtful about the Bio Disc but after one and a half years' of research and results acquired, it has cleared my doubt.

Sze Zeng, I understand that you have to sieve through loads of info from bloggers and such... however, I hope you have heard of this story about the fox that insisted the grapes are sour when it couldn't reach the grapes. The fox have to justify, blame and defend it's finding.

The question is, why is the fox trying it's best to stop others from reaching the grapes?

With best regards,

Stevie Tan

Anonymous said...

Please let the public knows who is DR. Ian Lyons, all his claims who he is and what he claimed he had invented, it does not seem to be true

Benedict said...

Dear Stevie Tan,

First of all, are you a scientist? Have you actually confirmed that what you have read from the FAQ or website contains genuine and factual information regarding BioDisc?
13 type of crystal minerals? What are those materials like? It seems like you haven’t answered what Brandon has asked you previously from (comment #36). After your disappearance from monsterblog, there go a heated bad character person called Antonmax that tongue biting each and every commenter about BioDisc. What could this be the motive? He has been using Chow’s testimonial once before in mouthshut.

Since you are the senior and respected leader in Questnet, I would glad to ask you a few questions.

First let’s talk about the inventor of BioDisc called Dr Ian Lyons
• Who is Dr Ian Lyons from Germany? Please tell us his academic background (which hospital that he practiced his surgeon and which university he had done his PHD?)
• According to a QN IR from Thailand called Nuzky, he claimed that Dr Ian Lyons is now the Chief Scientist in US for the StemCell. But it has been proved that they are not the same person!
• Which means one of your Questnet IR doesn’t speak the truth. Dishonest!
• According to QN IR named Rommel from Qatar, he mentioned that Dr. Ian Lyons works with wine company in Australia and governments. Well where is the proof? Which wine company and which country’s government that he mentioned about?
• Did Biodisc patented? Yes, which patent no.? No, why not? Is he another copycat?
• Did Ian Lyons achieve any scientist awards that recognized internationally?
• Did Ian Lyons received Nobel Price for his superb creation of Biodisc helping mankind?
• Before Ian Lyons partner with Vijay Eswaran from Questnet, which company that he is working with?
• According to Dr Amir from Super Qi Gong, he mentioned the named Dr Ian Lyons, the QI Emitting Device is made by METAL DISC, not GLASS with 13 minerals. It cost RM400, instead of US$500. I am wondering why the first VIVIFIER QI is made by METAL, and now the same inventor creating the Disc in Glass?

The reasons why this questions being asked is because most of the inventors are well-known with their background and USUALLY the inventor being recognized internationally, interviewed, published in journals and magazines, and TRACEABILITY.
However, when we googled Dr. Ian Lyons, the results is none! If Dr Ian Lyons is a very wellknown person that study water structure, why is’t so hard to find his details?
Everyone can be Dr Ian Lyons and I can called myself Albert Einstein II. Can I walked about telling story that expect people to trust my story?

Now let’s talk about the disc:
• The Biodisc emit energy that can last for 15 years? Have this been proven??
• Energy cannot be created or destroyed. First how could BioDisc produce/create the energy? Secondly, even the energized water can emit the energy as well? In Example, a presenter saying that by energized the bottled waters and place 4 corners of the bed will create energy to human body. Wow. It seems like bioDisc is like a huge ENERGIZER battery that can powered for 15 years?!
• Is’t radioactive?
• Is BioDisc being tested by any well-known test lab for the testing results? Don’t tell the Prognos story again. I want to know WHICH Prognos test lab that Ian Lyons sent the disc for testing? Even the test results can be taken or be fake.
• By changing the smell and taste of substance, what can this related to human body, which bringing good effect instead of negative effect?
• You may want to tell good testimonials over the internet. Tell me, BioDisc SHOULD have sold hundreds. Do you get hundreds testimonials? I think probably 1% - 3% may have given/submitted the testimonials. How about the others?
• You said psychology effect is important. The same as a QI-GONG master able to energized the water with his bare hands too. And his energized water can also bring good effect to health. Tell me the truth, the healing is caused by ownmind of really the BioDisc works?
• Could it be the heavy promotions and psychology trainings that makes the buyers feel the effect of Biodisc?
• In Summary, is’t all about the PLACEBO effect?? From what you are saying “All I can say is that the Bio Disc works... as long as you want it to work.”
Is't from what you have wrote in your comment above, it does sounds like you are an oxy-moron person? You want to order a "Teh Ais" without Teh, or you want to eat "Nasi Lemak" without Lemak? Seeing those hardcore promoters in hotel function room with so much promising of healing, with testimonials and even hoo haa shouting and yelling even standing up on the chairs calling your uplines out. When asked about how is Biodisc? Those members are shouting "GREAT!", "FANTASTIC!", etc. You mentioned that we need to think positive in order to heal, and probably takes 3 months. I would highly suspecting that only those who are in the core group of Questnet are saying that it works, because this requires alot of brain-washing activities to sell the products. I also heard that BioDisc is selling very well every week, I believe after 3 months, I should be seeing more and more people coming out with new testimonials. However, many just keep quiet, and again, the same old core group stand out for the same testimonial again! My sister was in Questnet, she was wasted her 6 months time working and selling Biodisc and keep persuading me to join. She graduated and was a very bright student. Now she has found a job and start working in corporate. I can only see that BioDisc is just an "excuses" in covering a Binary scheme that encourage member to RECRUIT new member in joining the business, to balance a tree of 3UVL/3UVR for a commission cheque. In most of the training functions, it emphasized alot of recruitments strategies for new members on how to recruits their friends and families into the business.

I hate to hear the excuses given by your uplines when someone claimed that the Biodisc doesn’t work:
a) You are healthy enough
b) You didn’t use the Disc long enough
c) You need to think positive and it will works for you
d) Taste the lemon and banana, it changed the taste, it works.. you will be healthy! Heck! I am talking about my body, why compare with lemon, orange, wine, cigarette or banana?
e) Let’s focus in the BUSINESS!!  I hate this most! They diverted by questions about BioDisc to focus into business and making money!? Is all BioDisc promoters doing all these for money, and doesn’t bother about their buyer’s concern? This is closed to a scam or fraud! When a question is asked, please answer, don’t divert.

Stevie Tan, I hope you could answer all my Questions and not to be like Mr. “Antonmax” because I find that this person “Antonmax” is very rude, unprofessional, childish, and like to impersonate others. With your level of writing and knowledge, I believe you can easily reply my questions, esp. the main question "Who is Dr. Ian Lyons?"
Yes, you should understand how I feel now. You started off DOUBTFUL in BioDisc. I am sure many and many of us REALLY DOUBTFUL about BIODISC today too.

With that, I thank you for your time to read.


Sze Zeng said...

Hi Benedict and Stevie Tan,

Pls drop me an email at

Thank you. Appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness i did the same googling research like you, else my mum would have bought it too! (she's extremely gullible!) Till today her friend is still trying to get her to buy it, even to the extent of carrying bottles of Bio disc water to our house everyday! heck i'm not complaining, free water where can refuse..The only miracle i'm seeing is lower water bills..haha!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone. Just call me litte voice. I have a short healing story to share with you friends.I hope after reading this , you could find it in your heart and will share it with your friends,relatives,parents.


Now when Jesus returned , a crowd welcomed him, for they were all expecting him.Then a man named Jairus , a ruler of a synagogue came and fell at Jesus' feet, pleading with him to come to his house because his only daughter , a girl of about twelve was dying.
As Jesus was on his way,the crowds almost crushed him.And a woman was there who had subject to bleeding, but no one could heal her. She came up behind him and touched the edge of his cloth, and immediately her bleeding stopped."Who touched me?"Jesus asked. When they all denied it, Peter said,"Master, the people are crowding and pressing against you." But Jesus said, "Someone touched me; I know that power has gone out from me." Then the woman, seeing that she could not go unnotice, came trembling and fell at his feet. In the presence of all the people, she told why she had touched him and how she had been instantly healed. Then he said to her, " Daughter your faith has healed you.Go in peace."

While Jesus was still speaking, someone came from the house of Jairus,the synagogue ruler. "Your daughter is dead,"he said. " Don't bother the teacher anymore." Hearing this, Jesus said to Jairus, " Don't be afraid; just believe, and she will be healed."
When he arrived at the house of Jairus,he did not let anyone go in with him except Peter,John,and James and the child's father and mother. Meanwhile,all the people were wailing and mourning for her. " Stop wailing, " Jesus said." She is not dead but asleep." They laugh at him,knowing that she was dead. But he took her by the hand and said, " My child, get up!" her spirit return, and at once she stood up. then Jesus told them to give her something to eat. Her parents were astonished, but he ordered them not to tell anyone what had happened.

If we put our lives to God in His words, and believe into what great medicine he can give, He is so so true. " For God so love d world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perished but have eternal life. HE IS THE LIVING WATER! HE WELCOMES EVERYONE.
just BELIEVE and you WILL SEE.

Anonymous said...

Still no idea who Dr. Ian Lyons who suppose the inventor of BIODISC, I check with Amega Global's about NANO WAND which has exactly the same properties as BIODISC, the inventor is not Dr. Ian Lyons.

Peter Evans said...

I was recently in Dubai where the use of one of this supposedly nano-tech products was demonstrated. It was called a nano-wand, and the demo started off with the speaker calling two volunteers , which I quote, "who were in physical pain right now".

He went on to claim that he would remove their pain, using a subjective analysis technique (what more could you expect), using his nano-wand. Before I proceed, I should say that I am a Software Engineer, but I took up my graduation in Electronics and Communications. I must admit that I'm not as good in Communications as I am writing code. But I do know the fundamentals, the inside stuff of communicating devices. That, I found out later was all that I needed to provide one more way to prove these guys are fraudsters and that rely on the gullible population of the UAE and the world for their daily bread.

Now back to where we were.. The speaker then went on to ask the person under the physical pain to leave the hall and wait for a mobile phone call from him. With all the dramatics, he said that the only reason he was using a mobile phone was to show how powerful the wand was, and that it could cure people of their pains, even if the other guy was on the other end of a Telephone?!! What?!! For any educated and scientifically literate individual, there couldnt be anything more stupid.

The speaker calls this person up on a mobile phone, and while speaking revolves the nanowand "in an anti clockwise direction" around the mouthpiece. He tells the other guy to tell his level of pain in percentile, as he keeps on revolving this stainless ste'A'l piece of junk and asking him questions like "what do you want me to do?" and "inhale, exhale.. blah blah blah". As I would have expected the guy at the other end yells "My pain has completely gone!!!" Yeah right.. the guy just got psychologically manipulated and he's happy proving himself a complete dim-wit.

The Nano-wand supposedly gives out 120 MCycles, and this frequency supposedly was transmitted through the mobile phone to the other person. Guys, ever heard of Modulation or GSM? Radiation does not just travel from one cell to another, its first modulated with a carrier signal, is transmitted to a base station, through repeaters to take care of attenuation and only then the reciever's mobile. Are these guys trying to tell me that the 127M'Cycles' (should be called Hertz) is automatically imposed upon the Message signal (one that is generated from the microphone of the mouthpiece)? How can a wave of 127MHz produce any effect on a microphone whose primary is to convert Sound Energy (20 to 20KHz) to Electrical Signal?

Anyway I had a fun time..real funny.. and nostalgic memories of my Electronic Engineering days..

The guy even said that something with no power source (no batteries) and stuff, was emitting particles that were faster than the speed of light! Something that utilizes the Special Theory of Relativity in 298$?! (Relativity has proven nothing can travel faster than light). Now I feel foolish trying to apply a scientific edge to all this crap.

Any one planning to buy one of these, please, its all the placebo effect if you see somebody telling that their pain is gone. Its all in your head, the desire in your head to rid yourself of your problems. Nothing comes out without hard work.

If you want a clean method of increasing blood circulation or better wealth (both were advertised to be the rewards of using this product), get out more often and be Better than the Best in what you do. That is the only way, not a piece of glass or steel junk.

And to all those who sell it, get a real job.

Welcome to the real world.


Anonymous said...

Contacting Schott AG is easy enough why did none of you do this? There is no patent or copywrite on the Biodisc anywhere on this planet, and therefore no confidentiality agreement is possible.

The reply was simple enough was manufactured by Schott (they could not tell me if it still is because it is not a regular production item and IS ONLY MADE ON RECEIPT OF AN ORDER, WITH PAYMENT). The Disc is manufactured in the Architectural Division, it has no relationship to suggestions by some that it is made from the same materials as the space-shuttle windscreen (more rubbish from idiots). Besides the physical dimensions, asthetic design and finish, there is ONLY ONE TECHNICAL ORDER ON THE MANUFACTURING INSTRUCTION, THAT THE GLASS IS NON-REFLECTIVE.
It is not even a special order request as Schott have this glass listed as a standard PRODUCT with its own order number. When purchasing the disc from Schott, you give the quantity required, the design brief (or CADCAM files) and select the glass type from their catalogue.

The import document to countries that then receive this order states ' ARCHITECTURAL GLASS MANUFACTURED IN GERMANY.

The reason glass is selected and not some other material is because there are no special fees or delays in shipping like there would be for porcelain (customs need to XRay) metal(production cost is much higer than glass), wood is again more expensive to manufacture and wood also has special requirement in customs that might cause additional expenses for the importer. Also Wood cannot be referred to as 'NANO ENGINEERED' AND YOU CANNOT SUGGEST AS EASILY THAT IT HAS 13 'MAGICAL' EARTH ELEMENTS.

Tony M

antonmax said...

Hey, sze zeng,
I remember you stating below and I quote:
"And pls use real identity in posting your comments. I'll be deleting all comments hereafter that do not carry real identities in this post."
These were your exact words and you kept it with of of mine and Benedict's comments: you deleted them.
After that, you allowed "anonymous" to continue to post his comments! Hey, where's the beef here?

Sze Zeng said...

hi antonmax,

I changed my mind since the exploitation stopped.

I might changed back my mind when the exploitation begins again.

Thanks for dropping by.

antonmax said...

Sze Zeng,

Ok, thanks for the reply. At least you clarify!

NaveenKKR said...

From which university Albert Einstein got the Graduation?
I would like to know as people where talking about Masaru Emoto's qualifications.

Also I like to Know Bill Gates Educational Quialifications.

Dont look the qualifications while looking the inventions of the new

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Naveenkkr,

I would appreciate people not to ask rhetorical questions here where the answer can be obtained with just a google away.

Einstein graduated from Swiss Institute of Technology (a.k.a ETH Zurich). Gates enrolled into Harvard but took leave.

I'm not looking for qualification and neglect the invention here. I'm looking at how one's invention is being regarded by its alleged community's response to it. If Bio Disc alleged itself to be Hydrology-related, then I would like to see researches that verify its claims. If not, it is a fraud.

For Einstein and Gates, their works are subjected to peer-reviews. To Einstein, it is the scientific community; while Gates, the computer science community.

Their works have been shown to be credible by the community. Where as Emoto's nonsense are not being taken seriously by any scientific community.

rosebay said...

Hi, I have a friend who actually purchased biodisc and became a distributor. She is actualy selling the disc to me as she is no longer interested to use it, so I searched the net what this is for and I found lots of good review most of them are from distributors. So I came to my own conclusion. This biodisc is mostly sold in Asia. They are not even sold in Germany or at least they are not even popular in the country of origin. They are not even sold in the Western world. Why prey on some unfortunate asian people who OFTEN BELIEVE on FALSE PROMISES AND MAGIC. Can you just have a look at the sick and the needy in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, why the poor people over the desperation to make money. People who genuinely want to know about this product should just see where this product is being marketed and who buy them. You would be surprised that those who buy them are the people from Asia who are desperately wanting to get a cheaper or free treatment. The video shown about a girl who was treated by the use of this biodisc is again from the philippines where people can be bribed and corrupted. I heard there are a lot of networkers in the philippines who after sold thousands of this product flee the country, again they were able to leave the country because of bribery even when the supreme court ruled that they should be thorougly investigated. What about Karma.. if this people believe that biodisc treats on the basis of positive energy.. what about the negative energy they will one day reap from poor people languishing over the loss of money that they spent (money that is suppose to put food on their table) because of desperation to get well. I know that the mind is very powerful, people only need to know that their BELIEF and FAITH will make them whole. And that the biodisc for it to work, it's only a tool to focus your mind on to achieve what you desire, so why pay too much money for a tool you yourself can create, go get a crystal, a rock, and focus on them to get what you desire. You dont even need anything to focus on, all you need is FAITH IN YOURSELF. And you will be healed. IT IS NOT the biodisc that heals you. It's yourself. Anyway, if someone out there want to buy this biodisc, my friend is offering a price of $250.00 dollars, she realized she just spent money she didn't have. She used her credit card to purchase this one and used it to help her father with arthritis for two months (i think this is long enough to see if this disc work) so those distributors who are interested to buy this one, since this one works for you please help my friend get her money back, all packed in genuine box and etc. Anyone interested please let me know. I think this is a fair price as she paid over 500 dollars for it.

syenes said...


I'ld like to buy the biodisc from your friend and find out for myself. How do I contact your friend?

syenes said...

By the way, my email is

yorkhunt said...

Thankyou for starting this blog. A friend of mine just mentioned she was saving up to buy a biodisc and I knew it had to be a scam. This blog demonstrates that very clearly. To all those snake-oil merchants , may you die slowly from colon cancer for preying on those in pain and distress.

Amit said...

Give the price of bio disc in indian rupees.

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Amit,

I've no idea how much is Bio Disc is selling in India.

John Gurrin said...

Sorry to upset you guys here, but I have been using my Bio Disk & I love it. I borrowed one from a friend for two weeks. Within two days I felt my energy levels increase during my busy working day in London. My skin looked better after placing my moisturiser on the Bio Disk. My friend borrowed the disk for two hours carrying it in her handbag. When she decided to smoke one of her cigarettes, she noticed the cigarette did not taste of any nicotine what so ever. The Bio Disk had been placed inside her handbag next to the packet of cigarettes!
I think some people including myself, are just more sensitive to energy and the positive or negative vibrations around us. The Bio Disk worked for me and I felt my emotions/moods were more balanced while I carried the bio disk around during the day. I also slept a lot better too. I cannot ‘proof ‘ any of this to you in a scientific way, but can you proof the love of God received during prayer. We can feel energy but not always see it, like love or healing through God and the universe. We can’t see the wind, but we can feel it and experience the results. Keep an open mind and heart.
To know something only on an intellectual/mind level is not totally ‘knowing’. Feeling through experience and one’s emotional knowing to me is my true gauge of truth. John Gurrin

Jay said...

Mr.Sze Zeng,

Myself Jay Patel From INDIA,
I Had purchase 2 BIO DISC & I want all the technical & practical DATA which are collected by ur side for My RESEARCH,,, So kind To You If you send on this mail Address:

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Jay,

All the related info about the BioDisc is on this post.

Pls don't advertise BioDisc here. Thank you.


James Tan said...

hi Sze Zeng,
it is about 1 year over this post had published. I just wonder does your parents' health got any improvment ? My friend introduce this "small glass" to me and I don't believe it and googling the internet and get your blog.

i think this is another MLM marketing plan which is same as in year 1997 , a company called "Giraffe World" that selling negative-ion mattress. But at least the negative-ion is proven work in science and benefit to human body, this small glass is really full of doubt.

Sirius B said...

The Biodisc is nothing but just a piece of glass. What makes it work is your intent. If your intention is there and you really believe it, it will be true and you call it miracle.

It's just pure psychological. Placebp effect. Im sure lots of ppl who got involved with the u business has read The Secret/Rhonda Byrne. It's the same thing.


Raymond said...

Thanks for your blog. I was about to buy one because my wife wants one for her mom who is sick.

Turns out that the posts are correct. There is no way to verify the people they quote and the companies, even prognos in germany cant be checked.. there is no mention of a prognos machine used by russians except from the amezcua related websites and posts by people selling it.

Azam said...

can i put it on my ass so i can shit any better ??

Yusuf said...

I checked product evaluations on Each and every one of them is fake. The disclaimer web-page has been removed. Thanks for the blog, didn't need to google any further.

nilufer said...

hi i just bought bio disc today. For indians it costs RS.32000. roughly $ U.S. 600. Lot o money n now i wonder if i ave been had. Hope not.

nilufer said...


vision3001 said...

"• Who is Dr Ian Lyons from Germany? Please tell us his academic background (which hospital that he practiced his surgeon and which university he had done his PHD?)
• According to a QN IR from Thailand called Nuzky, he claimed that Dr Ian Lyons is now the Chief Scientist in US for the StemCell. But it has been proved that they are not the same person!
• Which means one of your Questnet IR doesn’t speak the truth. Dishonest!
• According to QN IR named Rommel from Qatar, he mentioned that Dr. Ian Lyons works with wine company in Australia and governments. Well where is the proof? Which wine company and which country’s government that he mentioned about?
• Did Biodisc patented? Yes, which patent no.? No, why not? Is he another copycat?
• Did Ian Lyons achieve any scientist awards that recognized internationally?
• Did Ian Lyons received Nobel Price for his superb creation of Biodisc helping mankind?
• Before Ian Lyons partner with Vijay Eswaran from Questnet, which company that he is working with?
• According to Dr Amir from Super Qi Gong, he mentioned the named Dr Ian Lyons, the QI Emitting Device is made by METAL DISC, not GLASS with 13 minerals. It cost RM400, instead of US$500. I am wondering why the first VIVIFIER QI is made by METAL, and now the same inventor creating the Disc in Glass?"

These are great questions... any answers yet?

My request is very simple, just tell me some scientific publications done by Ian Lyons.
1. Year of publication
2. Names of author(s) including Ian Lyons
3. Title of Paper
4. Name of Journal


Invention Review said...

Hi SZ,

Your critical and objective review on the Bio Disc is very well done.

Like some of your readers, I too have noticed a similar product in the market, which I was introduced to just a few days ago, ie. Nano Wand.

Adopting the scientific spirit of inquiry, I've wrote a review on Nano Wand, including a reference to your write up on Bio Disc as well.

I would like to invite you to have a look at my review and either
(1) help answer some of the questions which I've raised, and/or
(2) ask more questions.

Thank-you and see

Sze Zeng said...

Hi Invention Review,

Thank you for dropping by and referring to this post.

All the best in your Ph.D!

Invention Review said...

John Gurrin said "When she decided to smoke one of her cigarettes, she noticed the cigarette did not taste of any nicotine what so ever. The Bio Disk had been placed inside her handbag next to the packet of cigarettes!"

Assuming that John's female friend is telling the true, it is rather fanciful that the nicotine taste can be 'neutralised' by a Bio Disc.

Moreover, not tasting nicotine does not imply that the nicotine has vanish.

In any case, am more interested to read about actual lab report on this magical nicotine taste disappearance rather than some fanciful/wild claims.

It would be more wonderful if a Bio Disc can 'neutralise' let say poison, which again can be put to the test by a reliable testing organisation such as Spring Singapore, among others.

Invention Review said...

For Bio Disc agents, please check with your upline whether Bio Disc is patented.
Case 1: If yes, pls tell us the Patent Publication Number.
Case 2: If no, I would advise you to check with an IP firm to see if your product is infringing on other companies patents.

pinipo77 said...

I myself is so doubtful about the friends whose got the biodisk could not explain how it works.what a scam!!! I hate the reality that that they themeselves just go for believing it, without invistigating the truth...then start selling...making others believe it make money. please dont defend your ignorance because your making money ...please people who are in this business...face your facts,sick people needs help and real healing. Not scam!!!! Faith of healing doesn't need to cost hundreds of dollars, it's FREE.

NaveenKKR said...

Hi Please note that BIO DISC Is not patented. This technology is in use from 1989. Which was known as Multi Jet. Which was used mainly used with for refineries and spas. Then came Vivifier and in 2006 they launched the miniature form with the invention of nano technology.
I see just because people cannot explain the technology it becomes scam in front of people. I want to ask to those people who think its scan. 1) Are you using mobiles? Can you explain the technology behind it?
2) Have you gone for x-ray ? Can you tell me the technology behind it?

Just because you don't understand the technology don't talk like its scam with out enough study. Its like old days people telling earth was flat.

Be open to new science. If you don't know ask rather than just coming to a conclusions. Be a man to inquire before you just decide with out enough knowledge.

I can share more details if you all interested to look with out any pre-assumptions.

Good day

NaveenKKR said...

See the article based on Australian Govt on Vivifier (The elder brother of Bio Disc)

J.H said...

This is a very interesting discussion. My first encounter with bio disc came from two of my pastor's son (who is a physician). He told me, at first they are very sceptic about the disc and really make a joke out of it. But being skeptic, they did try to pour anything on the disc and try what it can do. One of the strangest result is it makes life flower bouquet last for more than 3 month (the bouquet was dip into bio disc water). I touch the flower and the foliage, it feels like more like plastic than flowers. My friend told me he does not understand what the disc does to it. To me it's clearly that the disc actually do something, but not necessarily something it claimed to do. And I agree with you, on my search about bio disc, I saw loads of new age related stuff. My husband who is a physicist really keen to investigage this disc further.

Eunice said...

Hi Sze Zeng,
Thanks for the sharing.

Lun said...

sze zeng, thanks for this post. very useful!

the reasons i googled this up is because a friend of mine recently came up to me with this biodisc. besides the business plan, he also presented to me about questnet's background. as much as disbelieve the miracles of the biodisc, but the company background is pretty solid.

apparently, recently they purchased a tower in PJ, invested in endau-rompin, and some holiday resort in koh samui.

besides that, this product has also been featured in a TV1 news.

i KNOW that the biodisc is a SCAM.

but how did the head questnet manage to get so much money and invest in multi million ringgit projects in malaysia? he's even had photos taken together with our ex-PM, abdullah badawi.

and why hasn't the government taken any action against these oppurtunists?

sysalq said...

Hi Mr Sze Zeng. I had quoted your article in my blog at under the topic of Berhati-hati dalam urusan perniagaan as part of references. Hope you dont mind and I should say thank you to you.


azim_3110 said...

Hi Sze Zeng..
Thanks 4 ur post..
just want to share..
1st of all i want to apologize coz my english isnt well enough..
ive bought this biodisc last 2 month that was promoted by my friend..
he shared with me his treatment to his grandpa who got stroke using biodisc..and he said after 2 month, he saw the result..his grandpa was getting better..
at first i didnt believe it..but after he treated some of my friends who got high fever, sprain foot, headache and other illness, i saw the result and started to believe, it can be an initiative to cure the illnesses..because muslims believe that the illnesses just can be cured by the permission of Allah, however we must try to find the initiative..
casually, my mother had a cancer, so after i saw the result, without continue thinking any longer, i bought it..
before i give it to my mum, i try it myself..gratefully, it become handy when i or my friends got illness, i manage to use biodisc water as a medicine..usually when i got fever, atleast 4-5 days to get better, but using the biodisc, i can get better just in 1 day..this proven also by all my friends who have said it is just a 'PLACEBO'(new word 4 me,tq), i think its not..bcoz it give me a side-effect (sweating a lot without any active activity)..if what my understanding of the word PLACEBO is a 'power of mind', then why before this its hard 4 me to get better although i took a medicine??

after seeing the result,i started to share it's uses to people i know..and started to share it openly using FB, YM n blog..
then, one of my friend suggest me to take a look at ur blog,this blog..thanks to him..

after i read ur post and all the comments, im wondering..why i not concern about all of this before(patent,investor,etc)??
but frankly, i didnt regret what ive been bought bcoz im sure of its use..its depend on us..

`dont want any fight..peace!!

Invention Review said...

Hi azim_3110,

If what you claimed is true, then praise the Lord and rejoice.

I want to believe.

Pls send the product for 3rd party testing, to an organisation that is known to the industry, rather than any other party.

I want to believe.

PS: Regarding your point on "muslims believe that the illnesses just can be cured by the permission of Allah, however we must try to find the initiative", we, other than the 'initiative' = biodisc, am quite sure there are 1001 other 'initiatives' and two such possible non-biosdisc initiatives might be (1) seeing the doctor and following the doctor advice of taking the medicine regularly. (2) take multi-vitamins supplements once a day.

Invention Review said...

Hi J.H.,

You said "My husband who is a physicist really keen to investigage this disc further."

I look forward to seeing him published a paper on the investigation on biodisc and have it published in a peer reviewed journal.

Mayur said...

My mother likes the taste of the bio disc charged water. She does not believe that it would help otherwise.

My mothers blood pressure medicines have stopped in 3 months of use of biodisc.

Is this the placibo effect ? Not believing that bio disc will cure, and it still cures...

Critics please reply.

Sze Zeng said...

Hi all,

Here is the video evidence of how Ian Lyons used party trick to lie to people about bio disc and scalar energy:

Charlie said...

Hi all,

Is been 3 years this blog started, but still non of us here get the solid prove that this Bio Disc is a fraud and still this can be sold/market through recruiting new IRs.

I tried to check and do some research on this bio disc and get the same result as you all did. But my question is: 1) Why do Questnet and it's product still survive until today? 2)Why do our government(Malaysia) support this Questnet?

I really find no answer on these. For me, asking me to have faith and believe what it can bring you is like asking me to believe by holding a rock become a gold bar. I prefer proper research rather than those subjectives experiences or experiments.

Do appreciate if some of you here can send me reports regarding this Bio Disc,so that i can have prove and prevent others from being 'cheated' again.


Ng said...

Pls check out about Prognos

Ng said...

Maybe this will help us understand about BioDisc.

Ng said...

Understanding Beta wave/frequency might help u understand how BioDisc work, this is from wikipedia.

Ng said...

Understanding Alpha wave in human will help us known BioDisc better. Scam or not :)

diamondback said...

My mom bought these products(Bio Disc + Chi Pendant)because she is always easily believe in something like pseudo science. I searched over the internet about the institutes claimed by QNet approving or at least said good things above their products, and the results were not satisfy me. I tried to wear the chi pendant, and nothing happened, I am still the same old Mike. So let us share information to prevent another scams like Power Balance, feel free to e-mail me.

MALIQUE said...

Imagine you have a sugar bolck just like biodisc, and place it under a glass of water... do you think the water will be sweet?... definitely not!... wahy not?... because they are not in contact as such the sugar molecules cannot diffuse into water to make the water sweet... the only way for the water to change its characteristics from a non-contact materials is by recieving radiations... cos radiation can penetrate matters...and here we are not talking about microwave, radiowave or visible like radiation, but rather x-ray, beta ray, (alpha ray may not be able to penetrate glass), neutron or gamma ray... and indeed, these rays can be found in material (naturally or man-made)... and when these radiations interact with water, they do change the water characteristics since they create radicals and hydrogen peroxide and other ions... If the claim was right, than I believe the glass is made of radioactive materials just like the vitrification process of high level radioactive waste...and it doesn't sound good to me..

NaveenKKR said...

Hey I liked the Sugar and radiation example. MALIQUE I have a small clarification for you. Please help me to understand. If you sit on top of bed and some one keep a fire little far away and after some time you feel heat on your back? Why is it? Or you switch on the AC or heater and you get the cold or hot feeling after some time why? Is it because of radiations from those? or the molecule is coming all the way to touch u? is it possible to test radioactive test of the Bio disc?
Can you provide me a document as you say it can be radioactive?
Thank you

/\/eo/\/ said...


To answer your 2nd question "Why do our government(Malaysia) support this Questnet?"

Ans: Simple.... tourism revenue boost.
Every year Questnet organizes an annual event called V-Con. It is attended by THOUSANDS (even 10,000s) of IRs from around the world, specifically from the countries QNet operates in.
Since it results in revenue for the country (visa/immigration, hotel occupancy, airline operations, etc.) it is an easy option to support such a large scale event.

N@v3En said...

Hi there...

Well, I would say that I'm not that smart as most of you here. I will try to share of what I know.
You see, there are many claims saying BioDisc is a scam and even the company is also scam.
I am one of the people who have joined in the company.
I have tried the BioDisc on my mother and also my sister. Both of them did feel the difference and they are healthier now. I dun care what you all want to say, but I believe it was because of the biodisc.
Plus if u see this link
The video shows that the product is featured in the National TV Channel.
I dun remember seeing any other Networking Companies product being featured in the National TV Channel.
My life has changed after I became part of the company and I have also changed so many people's life through this journey. It's up to u people, on whether to focus on the negative energy around you all or to focus the very little positive energy around u n make it big.
Take Care everyone.


Invention Review said...

Hi Mayur,

Already reply with Q1 to Q9 for your and your distributors here

For the 9 questions, you may subsitute "Nano Wand" with "Bio Disc".

Awaiting reply from you and your distributors.

Pankaj said...

Dear Naveen
Before going into the discussion you should understand the heat is also radiation. If you are not a science student pls. do not indulge yourself into this discussion. If you believe in this product pls. do but do not compare the technology with cell phone or x ray because data is available and not hidden like bio disc manufacturer do not tell what minerals have they used. Its a fake product and will remain fake until scientifically proved.

Pankaj Garg

Biodisc-Oman said...

Dear Friends,

I bought biodisc 2 years back. It is a wonderful product. It can really help people to lead a quality life. If you are 100 % healthy, may be you will not immediately get any benefit from this product. I will never forget my friend who introduced me to this product. My humble request to you is, dont talk about something which you dont know about. If you want to fly airplane, you should go to someone who knows how to fly an airplane. Dont just goole and conclude that you cannot fly a plane. You are unknowingly doing injustice to people who otherwise would have bought and benefitted from this product. If you google about this product you will get lot of good testimonials. May be some did not get any benefit due to reason best knowns to them! I will conclude with one example. My friend in India recently spent Indian Rupees 22 Lakh Approx USD 40,000] for kidney transplant and related expenses. Unfortunately within 3 weeks he died in hospital due to some complications. But i never think/suggested Medical Science is FAKE / SCAM because it did not work for one person. If I have upsept anyone, it is not intentional. But i have to sepak the truth. God bless you. With kind regards

Kaleng Susu said...

As you know, modern medical science has failed on curing some chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, chronic kidney failure, cancer, HIV, etc. The doctor won't say that those diseases can't be cured, but he will scam patients "those diseases are not diseases, you should change your lifestyle". And the doctor still safe to continue his career as an healer, no one questioning his lying. Same in whole healing world, nobody or government has right to punish an healer because he has failed on curing his patients. It's a matter of trust between healer and sick person.

My father has chronic kidney failure and has to go for dialysis treatment twice a week for his life. No history evident that chronic kidney failure can be cured by dialysis and no modern medicine has been proved to cure this disease. But he believes that cured is not "wajib" (obligatory), but make effort in healing is "wajib". He may go to "kyai" or mullah to get pray, go to alternative (scam) healer, or use "placebo" apparatus such as bio disc. As long as there is hope for cured, he doesn't mind if it is scientific or not. Human only able to make effort, but only God will take the disease out of him. No one has right to say he's enter into scam or true healing, because no one know who are able to cure his disease. I think it's not wise just to show one of healing method is a scam or not, but you should suggest what method is the best for a patient. If bio disc offers new outcome, you should appreciate it. Like doctor, it may not cure all disease or patient, even not cure at all. But, who knows it may cure some patient? When God will, it will. Take it or leave it, it's a matter of trust.

Any one has idea, where should my father go for treatment?

rakesh goyal said...

Quest Net(QI Group, GoldQuest, QNET All Vijay Eswaran bogus networks) has also started this scam in India now. Yet another MLM fraud. They try to persuade youngsters who just started carrier and want quick bucks, small business persons, CallCenter/BPO employees, Housewifes, some poor people.

See the complaints here:

justnow said...

...thanks for the information about biodisc..I've read some comments post here and i found still a scam cause d founder does not give any info. about him..

..just now i encountered this thing (biodisc) i search the google, no negative efects it was stated.
On my place or town one person introducing this thing, she's distributing it i mean the processed water only using the biodisc..
...some states that its good and some does not, they did not feel better or extra ordinary or something.

..after reading some comments and some youtube videos..
..I think this is about money/scam,this money was just want by the company that's all..Become rich...hiesssst..
..........fresh water still the absolutely the best........thanks again..

Amey Pai Dhungat said...

What is the proof that Biodisc doesnt works?? i have seen the bio disc demo 2 times.. and also experimented on self... I have high belief on it. My parents stated using it and have observed good blood reports after 3 months of usage of Bio disc. If u are really talking the fact, plz proove me its not working... i can proove its working.. Its very scientific...

Ryan Pang said...

It's weird since when people just don't understand about this Biodisc is actually abit of simple.

If you didn't believe in Biodisc, then you claim yourself that crystals used in fengshui, religious uses, computer or electronic silicon chips which contains crystals in small amount, are all not working.

Which of course not, the description of Biodisc is that it was created by combining different crystals together right? So what do you think crystals could do other than bringing luck and health benefits? Since the way it was made to be neutral, thats why they use a glass one, so all person universally could adapt to it. <<This literally explains why the crystal minerals only were infused in a high grade glass!!

Simple as it seems you should study more about crystal properties and how we human or water reacts or contact with them before saying it's fake, the patent or legislation maybe not as strong as it seems but it is not like a fake medication or drugs, it's just a 'Crystal infused Glass' Tell me how that kills any person. That's the simple conclusion. Science are still unable to explain crystal healing or luck bringing capabilities so why do you expect people who are just selling it to be a scientist lol.

Invention Review said...

Hi Ryan,

Biodisc is quite simple to understand, as explained here:

Invention Review said...

Science: Knowledge ascertained by observation and experiment, critically tested, systematized and brought under general principles, esp in relation to the physical world (Chambers Dictionary, 12th Edition, 2011)

Pseudoscience: A collection of beliefs or practices mistakenly regarded as being based on scientific method (New Oxford American Dictionary, Oxford University Press, 2010)