Saturday, July 21, 2007

Updates 21 July 2007

This week, i received a free copy of Lee Strobel's latest Case for the Real Jesus, watched Ghost Rider, Facing the Giants, Blood Diamond, and Little Miss Sunshine, arranged an Agora Singapore's session for next week, and renewed my working permit.

The Case For The Real Jesus is a good book. It's a completely updated version of the The Case For Christ. An interesting read that one cannot not learn anything new from each page.

Watching the Ghost Rider is time wasting. It's lousy. The effects are not so great, the story is not grand and very fragmented, each scene seems to not link to the next. The dialogue can be done better.

Facing the Giants is the lateast Christian movie brought in by Integrity. One of the finest i ever watched.

Blood Diamond is a movie that one should keep. It's about the story of conflict diamonds. All married/not-married/going-to-be couples should watch it.

Little Miss Sunshine is a very well done comedy. It's about a family with different individuals.

Work Permit renewal....well....i only got to know about it two days ago when Rain (my colleague) reminded the company. I rushed to get a HIV test (the 4th time this year) on Thursday, got the report on Friday, renew my permit this morning.

Isn't life fragmented? There doesn't seem to have any 'grand' narrative going on. Every events seem to have their own causes and effects. Perhaps that's the reason why i love and enjoy movies so much. Movies come with grand narrative, usually.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another 360 days

Decided that i shall re-apply my studies next year. That means i'll have to wait for another 360 days.

Been at TTC for 2 days and i start liking it here. The subjects are interesting and the people are really nice. Had my first class in NT studies. The lecturer is strict and promising to study under.

Anyway, since the Singapore government forbid intellectual/spiritual cultivation for one particular foreign student, then i will have to try my application with them again next year.

To think about it, there are a few things that i can be free to do with these 360 days.