Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Statement of Life

People (especially Christians) usually draw up their own Statement of Faith (or Belief) to describe themselves. This Statement gives people identity. I have not 'officially' listed out any of such label myself, hence i would like to have one now. But i wouldn't call it Statement of Faith, but rather, Statement of Life, since this is who i am, not merely my belief but this statement constitute my worldview and thus praxis. And part of the reason why i wanted to label myself is because i've come across 2 theological bloggers identified me as an 'Arminian'. I've contacted them and hope that new friendships shall flourish from there. They are Wesley Wong and Jonah.

Sze Zeng's Statement of Life
I shall provide the sources that influence me to be who i am now. Some of my stand is not influenced by literature but from my conversation with people, and some from my admiration and reliance (technical term: non-executive epistemic authority) on others. But my stand doesn't necessarily sympathize with any of the sources because sources are not influential only to make us comply but also to fine-tune our own differing stands. I wouldn't go into every sphere of my belief because that would be exhaustive, hence will only list the core elements which other beliefs rest on. I shall categorize literature as Literary sources, conversation as Relational sources, and reliance as Authoritative sources.

Epistemology: Postfoundationalism anchoring on Critical Realism (contra non-foundationalism/anti-foundationalism).
Literary sources: The Shaping of Rationality (Wentzel van Huysteen), New Testament and the People of God (N.T Wright), Warrant & Proper Function (Alvin Plantinga)
Relational sources: Dr. Ron Choong of ACT, Rev David Burke of ORPC, Dominic Foo.

Human Origin: Theistic Evolution (not necessarily contra Intelligent Design)
Literary sources: Design Revolution (William Dembski), Case for Creator (Lee Strobel).
Authoritative sources: Center for Science and Culture, Center for Theology and Natural Sciences, John Polkinghorne, Wentzel van Huysteen, Alister McGrath, Philip Hefner.
Relational sources: David Chong, Leon Jackson, Dominic Foo.

Dynamics between Creator and Creation: Panentheism and Calvinistic inclined (though haven't really read on Panentheism. How did i got here is due to my above two stands on epistemology and human origin. Calvinistic (yes!), but i realize this would cause many misunderstanding...heck! God is too big to be contained in one air-tight system of thought).
Literary sources: Chosen But Free (Norman Geisler), Desiring God (John Piper), articles found in New Advent (Roman Catholic online encyclopedia).
Authoritative sources: N.T Wright, Alister McGrath, J.I Packer, I.Howard Marshall, Joel Green, Ben Witherington, Gregory Boyd, Tan Kim Huat, Alvin Plantinga, Nicholas Wolterstorff, Stephen Tong.
Relational sources: Steven Sim, Leon Jackson, David Chong.

Apologetic: Postfoundational Apologetic (Incarnational+Cumulative Apologetic).
Literary sources: Too many to list. All of the books on apologetics in my room.
Relational sources: Steven Sim, David Chong, LT Jeyachandran.

Morality: Divine Command Ethics
Literary sources: The Bible, Case for Faith (Lee Strobel), Mere Christianity (C.S Lewis), Simply Christian (N.T Wright).
Relational sources: Dominic Foo.

Canonical Bible: The 39 OT books, 7 Deuterocanonical books, & 27 NT books.

Eschatology: HAHAHAHAHA! I dont know. But i believed that the second coming of Jesus marks the completion of God's re-creation project.


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Shirleen said...

just passing by --- for me, these statements tend to evolve over time as I listen more, and get exposed to more varying ideas and concepts and theories, and to find that which one believes in.

The Hedonese said...

yikes! I'm not a theistic evolutionist :D heheh..