Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What am I to You?

Viola introduced me to Johari Window, a metaphorical tool intended to help people better understand their interpersonal communication and relationships. I need your input, click the URL below to put in ur input..haha.. =)

What kind of a person is Joshua Woo to me?

Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Father on Earth

This is the one that carried me in his arms throughout many nights during my baby-hood, when i cried for unknown reasons. This is the same dude that flung my school report book to the floor due to disappointment, when i was in Form 5 (sect 5). Besides that, he is also the one that always drove the family to Genting for vacation and make sure foods are being served on the table everyday.

When his mom passed away last September, i asked him what was his deepest impression of her. He told me that it was those moments in the morning during his school days when his mom always make sure his school uniform being tucked in nicely and neatly.

And if someday, someone asked me about my deepest impression of him; I pray that i will never forget all that he has done for me: My father who is on earth.

Sze Fu

I am Woo Sze Zeng, he is Woo Sze Fu. He was my roommate since young till we moved to our new home in 1997. Someone who fought with me over many things. Posted by Picasa

CNY 2006- College mates

These are my ex-college mates. Actually there is one missing (Ah Leng) but nevermind him. (L to R: Kulim Chan, Ah Beng, me and Ah Wee). These are the ones that dragged me to snooker centres, cinemas, and shopping complexes when i was supposed to be in class. I was the first convert, Ah Beng second, the missing one was the third. Prayfully that Ah Wee and Kulim Chan can join the gang in spirit as well.

Gurney Place

This is Gurney Place, the busiest hang out place in Penang. It is a strech of coffee shops, restaurants and bars along the walkway. It is a place to meet up with friends for chit chat session (not those Agora type though). Anyone can find a lot of babes, hunks or bunks (combination of babe and hunk-or habes, if u like... nowadays almost anything at anywhere).

Penang Bridge

This is Penang Bridge, the longest bridge in Asia and the 5th longest in the world. It cost RM 800 millions (SGD 364 m) and you are expected to stuck in hours-long of traffic jam on it, during Chinese New Year. I used to cross this bridge to Penang island everyday to attend college.


Hey people, thanks for commenting and giving your opinions on previous post. After praying and thinking through all that you guys have shared in this blog or through emails or private conversations, i've decided to move to KL. But the 'when' factor has yet to be confirmed because of some recent changes in ORTV (the organisation which i am serving). I might be needed to stay longer. And i do think this is God's timing. He seems to not wanting me to leave Singapore so soon, perhaps need to wait for a few more months.

Thank you all again for all the concerns, advises, prayers and presence: Leon, Soo-Inn, Steven, Naomi, Ps. Wong, Pr. Joseph, Pr. Amos, Pui Yee, Chris, Lydia, Yennie, Mun Yee, Hedonese, Joanne, Sarah Wong, Vicky Tsung, and the YAF gang (last but not least)!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Crossroad- Which is the next phase?

This is my current condition:

I have 3 choices:

1) Settle down in Singapore for the rest of my life.
2) Go to KL and begin a different life.
3) Go back to Penang to begin a life that most of my friends are in.


Of cos all three are subjected to God's will. Choice no.1 is slim, choice no.2 is very likely but super anxious about it because to start a different life is super uncertain, and choice no.3 is super existentially satisfying though might negating some precious part in my Christian pilgrimage.