Saturday, December 23, 2006

Molly Was Here

'Moh ni de tou, hao wen ru...' (Mandarin super-beng song) came to mind when i saw Molly's sms on Wednesday that she will be coming down to Singapore on Thursday. Cant help but to smile when fun memories flashed thro and fro. Chew Loh's cunning voice rang as it used to, singing that super-beng discotique track.

The last time i met Molly was during Chinese New Year earlier this year. She, Steven and myself were car-pooling back to Penang from KL. And it is as if with a blink that Molly and I were hanging out at Cosmopolitan Bar.

That picture was taken by her camera phone. One of the latest Samsung slim 'push-up' phone. The quality is not bad. This one, on the left is taken by my stupid Sony Ericsson K610i. Molly knew her aesthetics. While posing for the picture she deliberately strike it by slanting from one side so that her chubbiness trims down. Cool.

While drinking and chit-chating, Cecilia walked pass in front of me with her friends. Shouted at her but my voice was being buried by the massive crowd.

On Friday night, right after my shift, i met up with Molly at Causeway Point. Surprisingly Penny was there too. But she has to leave early to finish her work. After that, i sent Molly back to Karen's aunty's place. Met Karen and her parents there. At first we were chatting, tried to catch up with one another. Then Karen's dad joined in and start talking about theology. He is in his final year at Penang Baptist Seminary. I'm grateful for his sharing. He shared about his struggles, the importance of servanthood, Roman Catholicism view on Chinese ancestral worship, Joseph Prince, and many other stuff. Besides that he commends Watchman Nee's Spiritual Authority to me.

In the end we talked until 1.45am. We prayed and hugged (never cross my mind to hug Karen's dad but i thought that is an appropriate gesture). Both Karen and Molly already sound asleep in the room! So i had to leave them without saying goodbye.

MOLLY! KAREN! I miss you!

Reach home at 2.30am. Slept at 3am. Woke up at 6.30am to start another day.


Anonymous said...

Wow! never tot Karen's dad is that cool.

That song is terrible...nightmare song even thinking of it..hahahah...funny good old days


Sze Zeng said...

Molly and I were talking about you. Guess what did we talked? hahaha..

enn@j said...

ywalau...didnt know you both knew the gals in the pic

I know them too :) Small world / penang