Monday, December 25, 2006

Met Up With John

Heavenly Harmony and Praise Band went to Barker Road Methodist Church today for an outreach. The last time i stepped into the headquarter of the Methodist Church in Singapore was more than 1 year ago. I remember attended the youth congregation in a posh hall that look like a cinema. Yup, this is the head office of the Methodist churches in Singapore, where Bishop Robert Solomon's punch-card lies.

Upon this second visit, i grabbed the opportunity to meet, not the bishop nor any of the pastoral staffs, but John. I met him during my last visit but didn't get to take picture with him. So this time, with my mobile camera phone, I snatched some.

Besides that, i snatched also a few of his aphorisms. Reading them is refreshing and reassuring yet guilt-invoking. He is a man after God's own heart. And when a man like me reading such stuffs is like a convicted criminal staring into the criminal law statutes. Knowing full well that there are things that ought not to do and there are things that ought to do, and one does the exact opposite for both.

Besides these two guilt-invoking plates, there are still other two that worth mentioning. The first one is very interesting. I smiled wittily when i saw it. It's like an amulet that keeps exclusive reformed souls, who believe their life-calling is to rid off every Arminians from the surface of this part of heaven, and Roman Catholics, who believe they are the one and true apostolic church, from wandering into the holy road (Barker Road, that is).

"Methodism is THE old religion, THE religion of the Bible, ,THE religion of the Early Church" *tremble*

Well, i think John and his brother, Charles are great men who fine-tuned their own heartbeat to go accordingly with God's own beat. The denomination that they found gives the world a foretaste of what is it like when the kingdom is fully inaugurated by Jesus. The hymns they wrote have been touching and inspiring millions of generations of Christians around the world. The social service committees that are being set up under the Wesleys have been meeting the needs of the needy. Their global schools brought literacy to many parts of the world (Malaysia and Singapore owe the current standard of literacy of the nations to them). Their biblical scholars' (Ben Witherington III, Joel Green, McKnight, Olson etc) contribution to the studies of the Bible is abundant. Hence, here, i shall leave this last plate to remember one that was raised, whose life has shaken the world for the last 3 centuries and many more still to come.

"Give me one hundred preachers who fear nothing but sin and desire nothing but God, such alone will shake the gates of hell and set up the Kingdom of Heaven on earth"


Anonymous said...

It's not for nothing that Whitefield said of Wesley, "He'll be so high up in heaven, that I will not see him" (when asked by someone if the arminian Wesley's theology makes him a heretic)


Evelyn said...

Wishing you a blessed new year ahead! :)