Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sally's Moment

Who? Sally?

Yes, Sally. A nice girl that i met 4 years ago when i was laboring part time at England Optical, Gurney Plaza. She was a personnel from Focus Point, the arch-enemy of England Optical. I dated her for a very short period but decided to give up reasonably, but not because she was bad.

So, what's a 'Sally's Moment'?

Well... the vivid memory is the one during 2002 Chinese New Year. The setting was a beach during dusk, with a bottle of red wine and a nice weather. We talked. She cried. My shoulder was borrowed. My heart thumped heavilly the whole time. Feelings were strong but ambiguous.

It's more than that but the details are best to be buried. Those feelings are best to be sealed. This is 'Sally's Moment'. When feelings had to be dealt through struggles, pains, and sleepless nights just to forget someone... no... should be to forget how we feel towards someone. Sally's moment.

Side note: Naomi posted a good write up on 'Platonic relationship', that is the intimate friendship between two persons of opposite gender.


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