Friday, November 03, 2006

Books on Jesus

The world is sick with critically unorthodox, sometimes distorted, portraits of Jesus. Hence some unique people raised by God had rolled up their sleeves and brought forth the old sweet Jesus back to the center of the scholar hall.

1) Darrell Bock: The Missing Gospels
2) J. Ed Komoszewski. M. James Sawyer. Daniel B. Wallace: Reinventing Jesus
3) N.T Wright: Judas and the Gospel of Jesus
4) Larry W. Hurtado: The Earliest Christian Artifacts
5) Craig A. Evans: Fabricating Jesus
6) Richard Bauckham: Jesus and the Eyewitnesses
7) Ben Witherington III: What Have They Done With Jesus?

These 7 books were written so that the orthodox Christians can celebrate this year's Christmas, without the need to deny the true joy of the season or to leave our brains at the church's doorstep during Christmas services/mass. Better still, these books give us more reason to celebrate.

May God continue to bless these people. Give them many more years ahead, wisdom, boldness, courage, and, most of all, the joy to see the glory of our Lord.

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