Monday, September 25, 2006

Democratic Action Party

This is my first political post. I dont have much interest in polity but seems like i have to play this inevitable role as i's being given this citizenship. Mercy, God.. mercy..

Seems like the probablity for me to cast my first vote will be to DAP. Still hasn't decided yet, but tentative choice is that because the current BN administration has too much baggages, though the leader is, no doubt, a good one.

Check out DAP's Vision and Mission, which is more palatable to me:

An outline of Party Policies:
On the Reform of Legislative Institutions
restoration of local government elections;
abolition of the appointment system of Senate;
denial of the two-third majority of the ruling parties in the Parliament and State Assemblies.
On the Reform of the Electoral system
restoration of the "one -person-one -vote" system of constituency delineation;
expansion of voting rights to all citizens who age of 18 years or above;
restoration of the independence of the Election Commission;
creation of an electoral culture that is clean, fair and free.
On nation-building
Abolition of the division of "bumiputra" and "non-bumiputra" and the implementation of ethnic equality.
On Economic Development
due emphasis be given to distributive justice;
opposition to environment destruction;
opposition to "Party Capitalism";
replacement of the ethnic quota system with a policy of "merits and needs"
On Labour
implementation of minimum wage
opposition to unlimited import of foreign labour;
defence of workers' rights to free association;
promotion of workers' solidarity
On Social Welfare
implementation of health care and other social security policies;
protection of the aged, the disabled and the poor against absolute poverty.
On Education
implementation of a seamless system of education;
full recognition of the right to mother tongue education.
opposition to the 1996 National Education Act.
On Ethnic and Cultural rights
cultural democracy;
ethnic equality;
national integration through equality, tolerance and understanding.
On Mass Media
creation of a free, fair , accountable and responsible mass media
opposition to the monopoly of information and manipulation of news;
On Agriculture
non-ethnic-based reform to land-reform;
rental control;
expansion of agricultural loan;
reduction of agricultural taxes.
On Environment
opposition to any economic policy that destroys the environment;
the right of Orang Asli to develop and enjoy their natural resources;
all major development of natural resources like the construction of mammoth dams must be subject to strict monitoring and assessment.
On International Relations
promotion of world peace and justice;
support for the Non-Alignment Movement;
opposition to imperialism and racism;
promotion of human rights and democracy.
On National Defence
opposition to excessive defence budget;
call for genuine national service;
strengthening of civil defence;
streaming and reduction of armed forces to a highly trained professional force.
On Women
participation of women in all levels of decision-making.
opposition to all laws that discriminate against women.
On Youth
nine years of compulsory education;
abolition of ethnic quota system in education, the Universities and Universities s Colleges Act and all other laws and regulations that retard the full development of the potential of Malaysia citizens.

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