Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wanton Cruelty

“My Loki was not merely malicious. He was against Odin because Odin had created a world though Loki had clearly warned him that this was a wanton cruelty. Why should creatures have the burden of existence forced on them without their consent? The main contrast in my play was between the sad wisdom of Loki and the brutal orthodoxy of Thor. Odin was partly sympathetic; he could at least see what Loki meant and there had been old friendship between those two before cosmic politics forced them apart. Thor was the real villain, Thor with his hammer and his threats, who was always egging Odin on against Loki and always complaining that Loki did not sufficiently respect the major gods; to which Loki replied

I pay respect to wisdom not to strength.

Thor was, in fact, the symbol of the Bloods; though I see that more clearly now than I did at the time. Loki was a projection of myself; he voiced that sense of priggish superiority whereby I was, unfortunately, beginning to compensate myself for my unhappiness.

The other feature in Loki Bound which may be worth commenting on is the pessimism. I was at this time living, like so many Atheists or Antitheists, in a whirl of contradictions. I maintained that God did not exist. I was also very angry with God for not existing. I was equally angry with Him for creating a world.” (C.S Lewis, Surprised by Joy)


When existence came into place, 'free will' followed. We as the fallen-sin-marred creatures have, first, existence forced unto us, second, free-will. And with these two coerced burdens in our being, we have to 'live for God's perfect infinite glory and serve in his unfailing flawless kingdom to establish that PERFECT realm on this pit-depth world'. If not, when the landlord comes back to his vineyard, he will send us to hell.

Thus the Bible is right when it alludes that the condition of human is in deep shit. Being forced into existence with free will and bearing not only the burden to glorify God but also his very image. Talking about toilet-paper's job. But toilet papers still fare better because it doesnt have free will, not like us. They're manufactured for the sole purpose of cleaning our asses without the liberty of compliance. Some toilet papers even have their creator's stamp on them so that they might give glory to the manufacturer when consumers find them job well done.


alwyn said...

can't resist asking: are you Arminian-inclined? ;>)

like Spiderman, i think our great gift of *self*-determination comes with great responsibility...

Sze Zeng said...

I m more incline to Calvin.

But on the other hand i do recognize and acknowledge Arminius' dilemma to counter Calvinists.

'..Our 'great gifts'..'

Bro, i dont consider those as gifts. Gifts make us happy when we received them. Definitely not a word to describe something that has been forced unto us and till we can't change or reject it, and since there's nothing we can do about it, thus we should think positively and thus labor them as 'gifts'.

Talents, Freedom, and Existence are not gifts. These are wanton cruelties. Of cos some philosopher will say that i am self-refuting cos if my current freedom to blog is threatened, i will react. But that is because in the first place, i have been given existence and freedom. Thus no way i can live without these both already since i'm already program in such as way. But i do noticed that without these two, the world would be a much better place even i m not here to appreciate it.

alwyn said...

bro, it's hard to see if you're kidding or not, but i'm gonna assume you're not (smile)...but did you just write that a better world would be one WITHOUT talents, freedom and existence? did i get this right?

but that's an interesting thought, because i think such a world actually does exist: forests, marine life, ecology (all vibrant yet without 'free will').

Of course, yes, someone could point out a self-stultification here, because without freewill no one could EVALUATE whether the world would be better without self-determining agents or not...what do u think?