Wednesday, August 30, 2006

30th August 2006

I came into my office early today. Didn't had good sleep last night. Was at the worldview class and thought that i just wasted my two hours there. Not because the teacher is shallow and uninteresting but because i can't relate with the class. The teacher is Rev. David Burke, the senior minister of ORPC. He's smart and helped me along in my pilgrimage. Just recently he told me to look up for the Hebrew word 'dabar' because i told him about my attempt in understanding John 1.1. As i look into it, i found another illumination.

Met someone that i've never met today. We talked......nope, it's he talked to me on certain theological issues ranging from worship to health to John 1.1. Throughout that two hours, i seldom speak. I was enjoying listening while keep nodding my head to acknowledge not his points but his shallowness. I've to admit that i met people in my trade who talk as if they are Socrates. But in reality and in my sight, they dont know what they are really saying. For eg. this person told me that there is a book which he thinks does not belong to the Charismatic. Upon hearing, i raised my brows wondering why suddenly he talked as if i am anti-Charismatic. He told me the reason why he thinks the book is not Charismatic because the author quoted from KJV. *sigh*

After that i met another person who introduced Peter Wagner's book to his friend. I dont know both of them but was in the same location as them. One of them saying something like this:

"Ohh... is it (the book) about not using our mind in our faith? If that is what it means, then it's a good book..."


I read somewhere that Betrand Russell think so fast that before his debaters finish presenting their arguments, he already figure out how to counter them. Sometimes i do feel like that. It's not a proud assertion but more of a lamentation for the anti-intellectual climax in this world. And thus i always stay quiet whenever someone talked. Either i am contemplating what the person really means or, if not, i am sighing inwardly. Thought of correcting them but i seriously dont think their already shallow minds able to process in such a short while. Lot of time, patience, determination, and money involved. Hence, I can only concerntrate on those who are willing, not those who are willing to act as if they really are.

Lamentable world. Pit-depth world. Filled with asses, fallen and shitty. It needs toilet papers to clean them.


Benjamin Ho said...

oh no Joshua, what happened???

Anonymous said...

A haughty spirit before a fall!

Betrand Russell cannot be that smart if he rejects christianity.